What Is Energy Healing?
A healer is a person who has, through training learned to provide a sacred space or a healing vessel and assist the client in healing themselves.

The healer assists the client by doing various healing techniques which energetically change the client’s energy field so that healing may more easily occur. At times the healer may work with their own intuitive processes and inner guidance to facilitate the healing. Therefore the healer is a facilitator of whatever inner change brings healing to the client. This can happen on the physical level, the emotional level, the psychological level or the spiritual as well, depending on the intention of the healing.

Another point to remember is that healing and curing may not always be the same thing. Sometimes healing is a matter of a shift in perspective toward a situation or a shift in perceptions and not always a physical based cure. So while curing is always a healing, healing may not always be curing.

There are many, many reasons why people are not in harmony with their self and are challenged with dis-ease processes. The healer can assess the client holistically, that is, on the four previously mentioned levels, but the healer does not diagnose or prescribe. Life stresses, belief systems, health history and anything that influences the client’s emotional and physical well-being may be discussed.

The healing is the client’s responsibility. The healer is a partner in this process of healing, a committed listener, or mirror. Knowing that healing comes primarily from within, the healer is there to facilitate that process.

What are the benefits?


  • Increase overall state of well-being and health
  • Decrease both acute and chronic pain
  • Facilitates wound and burn healing
  • Prevents swelling and bruising associated with contusions, sprains
  • Decrease recovery time from acute illness
  • Diminishes symptoms of chronic illness
  • Decreases side effects from chemo and radiation therapy
  • Induces relaxation response
  • Decrease amount of medication needed
  • Supports and facilitates other therapies and treatment
  • Assists in stabilizing patients with critical injury or illness

What can I expect in a session?

The session begins with an interview, and an assessment of the client’s energy-consciousness system. In support of the client’s safety and an integrated model of care, I make appropriate referrals for physical or psychological conditions outside my realm of expertise and training. Then, based on my findings, I begin to work with the client.

The client remains clothed, removes their shoes, and is usually asked to lay face up on a comfortable table. Then I proceed with the session, most often beginning at the feet and working up the client’s body, providing an overall increase of energy and balance to the client’s field. I then move to the specific areas of the body that require additional or specific work, providing further clearing, strengthening, balancing, repair and restructuring.

When com ing in for the first time, it is very important for me to know your health and emotional history, not only presently but in the past as well. Even though you may not have symptoms any longer, sometimes the energy field can still be affected in some way by the prior situation and may point to weakness in that area.

In order for the me to use these energies,I regulate my own body and energy field by holding a high frequency and like a transformer ,bring the client’s field in resonance to mine.This regulation of the energy allows me to rebuild or repair certain structured aspects of the energy field.

I use High Sense Perception; perceive both energy flow through the client’s field, and how it is affecting the client’s field while the healing work is being done. Thus I am aware of the healing process in the client, and respond to it each moment during a healing.

The client’s job is to receive and just experience the session, to feel rather than think about what is happening. To pay attention to the breath helps the client to stay connected to their self. Most often, clients will get into a half sleep state or even fall asleep. If emotional energy is moved, the client may experience the emotion. At the least, people find it very relaxing and get a sort of floating feeling.

A session can last up to 90 minutes depending on the goals for the session. Of that time the energy work on the massage table may last 20 minutes or up to an hour. When the energy session is over there should be a few minutes when the healing practitioner gives some feedback to the client on their experience of the healing and listens to what the client has to say. At that point a decision about another appointment is reached. Some situations may require multiple sessions and some will not, but regardless it is always up to the client as to how far and how much they take their healing journey.

What can I expect after the session?

Following a session, the client often reports feeling very relaxed, and they may even have the need to sleep for several hours. Many clients fall asleep during a session and wake up feeling refreshed. The number of sessions required in order for results to be demonstrated depend upon a variety of factors, including the severity of the illness, whether the disease process is acute or chronic, and other treatments or care that the client is receiving. Many clients respond very quickly and dramatically to a treatment.