CBD for Pain: The Potential Side Effects of CBD Oil

Cannabidiol – or CBD oil – is being experimented on by many individuals for different medical issues and ailments, including chronic pain. Studies from functional medicine doctors and researchers look promising so far in using it for different types of pain, but just like any other treatment, there are some potential side effects you need to be aware of.

Most Common Side Effects

As a functional medicine Los Angeles provider, trust us when we say that the first thing to know about using CBD oil for pain is that while there are some potential side effects, they are not guaranteed for everyone. You might get one or two of them or none at all. In fact, many people who use CBD note that they experienced calm and pain relief, but nothing else negative occurred. This is the good news!

As experts in functional medicine Studio City, we advise that it is still good to be aware of the possible side effects so you start slow with your dosage and really pay attention to how your body reacts to it.

Our North Hollywood functional medicine professionals share the most common side effects you can experience by using CBD oil. These include:

– Change in Your Appetite

CBD can sometimes affect your appetite. Depending on your own chemical makeup, this might include causing more or less hunger. It is something to keep in mind to be sure your nutrition is well-balanced.


Fatigue and drowsiness are also high on the potential side effects list. When you first use CBD, it is best to use it at night when you don’t plan to go anywhere and close to bedtime, just in case you get drowsier than you were expecting.

Bowel Changes

Some people note that when they use higher doses of CBD, the effects might be better, but they do experience bowel changes, such as diarrhea. This is something to consider as you switch around your CBD doses, especially when you raise the amount quickly.

Other Potential Side Effects

There may also be a few other things you experience, though again, it depends a lot on the person. Some of the less common side effects of using CBD are:

Changes in Your Mood

With the calming effect, you might also experience a change in your mood or behaviors. It is a good thing to track when starting CBD.

Dry Mouth

Some people have reported dry mouth after using CBD on a regular basis.


You are at a higher risk of nausea and possibly even vomiting from CBD oil if you already have a very sensitive stomach. If you are someone that seems to feel sick from just about anything new, then there might be an adjustment period here for you. If this sounds like you, start with the lowest dose possible.

Our functional medicine Burbank services will help you manage these symptoms should they ever manifest. Contact Functional Medicine Los Angeles today and let us become a part of your journey to wellness.

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