Gratitude and The Law of Attraction

If you have ever looked into the law of attraction and how to manifest things in your life, you are probably aware that gratitude is a big part of it. Gratitude can help increase your vibration and positive energy, which helps tremendously with the law of attraction. Furthermore, in our functional medicine Los Angeles practice, we emphasize the integration of gratitude with your law of attraction journey.

As a functional medicine provider Burbank, we introduce you to some ways you can use gratitude with your law of attraction practice.

Use Gratitude in Your Scripting

The first way to use gratitude with the law of attraction is with scripting. As you know, scripting is the process of writing what you want to manifest in your life, in the present tense. You write it down as if it has already happened, focusing on how it makes you feel to increase your vibrations.

This provides the perfect opportunity to add gratitude to your scripting practice. You will write how grateful you are to the universe for bringing you what you desired as you are scripting.

Keep Thanking the Universe Every Chance You Get

This is less of writing in a journal and more of saying it to yourself or even out loud. You are thanking the universe every time something good happens or you get a positive feeling. When you are pouring your cup of coffee, when someone does something nice for you, if the sun is shining, really any time you get a positive emotion, thank the universe for it and show gratitude.

Outwardly Show Appreciation in Your Life

In addition to thanking the universe, you can increase your vibrations by thanking other people. Show appreciation for people when they do something nice, when you feel gratitude for their friendship, after a social gathering. Keep showing your gratitude in an outwardly way, whether it is giving an extra tip to the delivery person, or just telling someone you enjoyed your time together when you went to lunch.

Keep Feeling Grateful for Every Blessing

According to our functional medicine Toluca Lake experts, it will become automatic and natural when you start showing gratitude in this way. It becomes a habit where every time you feel that spark of joy or appreciation, you say gratitude to yourself, out loud, or you write it down in your gratitude journal. This can never be done too much; the more you do it, the more positive you feel, which further helps you to raise your vibrations and help the universe guide you to exactly what you want to attract.

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