Popular Alternatives for Gluten-Rich Foods

Whether you are a person who suffers from celiac disease or you simply want to avoid gluten, new advancements from Functional Medicine Los Angeles experts have been able to create 4 very enjoyable ways to eat their favorite foods without having to worry about their tastes challenging their resolve to remain on a gluten-free diet. Within just a few minutes, you could be on your way to creating gluten-free versions of meals. You might be curious as to how you can get rid of the bready part of meals, but this article from Functional Medicine Doctors is here to help you learn about popular alternatives for gluten-rich foods.

  • Gluten-Free Foods

    Foods like potato, cassava corn, quinoa, millet, soy, tapioca, beans, and buckwheat are all gluten-free. With a small amount of planning, you can find brilliant ways to turn these veggies and legumes into amazing meals. Some have taken to using nut flours to bake different types of bread that they can enjoy. As long as it doesn’t contain wheat, then the likelihood of gluten being in your food will be much lower. It’s always a good idea to stick to fruits, meats, and veggies to be sure that you’re not getting anything gluten. Several brands will include this information on the packaging but beware of some of the sneaky names that companies use to guide gluten in plain sight.

  • Great Ideas

    In the last few years, some great ideas from Los Angeles Functional Medicine have come about such as the cauliflower pizza crust. This pizza crust uses eggs to hold itself together after the cauliflower has been cooked, drained, and pressed to remove a large portion of the moisture. Veggie wraps are a great way to have your favorite lunch meat on the go and be sure that your juice is freshly squeezed. This will prevent you from accidentally getting some gluten from any of the ingredients found in store-bought juices.

  • Avoid Contaminated Sources

    One thing a lot of people forget about is that the types of equipment that cut oats are often the very same equipment that is used to cut wheat. That means that the potential for gluten contamination in your food will be very high. Knowing about how your food is prepared, and how it is handled from start to finish can go a long way to keeping you from accidentally ingesting a bit of the stuff you’re trying to avoid.

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