Tips for Creating a Fall Bucket List

tips-for-creating-a-fall-bucket-listA bucket list is a great way to do a “Reset” of your life, where you take stock of what you have now, your goals’ progress, and how you spend your time, then make tiny tweaks where you feel you need them.

With the bucket list, you can choose activities you want to participate in either alone or with friends and family, and do them this time! Here are some tips for creating a fall bucket list from Functional Medicine Los Angeles:

Make a List of What You Love Doing in the Fall

To start simply, just make a list of writing down notes of what you love doing during the fall season. This can be any type of activity that reminds you of this time of year, or you tend to enjoy it more during the fall.


  • Does fall make you want to bake more or cook with seasonal ingredients?
  • Are you excited to go to the mountains now that the weather is cooler?
  • Do you tend to want to do more crafts in the fall?

Check Local Fall Events


  • Next, look up some local events that might happen in the fall in your city or town, such as farmer’s markets, street fairs or festivals, or maybe an annual concert.
  • Many towns have fall activities like apple picking, pumpkin patches, or 5k’s for charity on Thanksgiving. Others provide special festivals or local shows.

Write Down What You Have Always Wanted to Do


  • You can also include activities that aren’t necessarily related to the season, but that you just really want to do. It’s easy to have those ideas in your head of what you would love to do, but the “someday” never comes. Now is your chance!
  •  Have you always wanted to visit a national park in your state but never had the opportunity to? Or maybe you want to try a local workout class or learn how to paint. These can all be added to your bucket list.

Create a Spreadsheet or Printable

Professionals from Functional Medicine Studio City stated that once you have your list, go through it and highlight the ones you want to keep on your list. Then, you can create a printable or spreadsheet with the information. This can be done just with a ruler, pen, and paper, or you can create one digitally. All you need is space for lines to write in your bucket list items and checkboxes to check off as each one is completed.

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