Turning Your New Years’ Resolutions Into Goals

It is that time of year when people decide what they want to get done and call them resolutions. While New Year’s Resolutions can be fun to choose, they don’t often stick. But the reason they fail isn’t because you can’t achieve them, but because they are often not thought out and don’t have a plan. Treating resolutions more like goals gives you a much higher chance of success.

Use the SMART Method

Treat your resolutions like goals by using the popular SMART method for creating goals you will stick to. This includes:

1. Specific – You should be able to be specific and write details about the goal and how it will be achieved.
2. Measurable – Are you able to track the progress of your resolution?
3. Achievable – You want to set resolutions and goals that can be achieved within the time you have set out.
4. Realistic – Make sure it is attainable to you.
5. Timely – Do you know how long it will take, and can you choose when it should be completed?

Have a Plan of Attack

Once you have made sure your resolutions fit all the SMART categories, you can then create a plan to work toward those goals and accomplish them before the year is over.

For every resolution, ensure they are realistic and attainable, and be specific with what it is and how you can get it done. This is where you take the time to write out exactly what you need to do and when to achieve your resolution. It is where you start to understand that resolutions are simply goals.

Keep the Resolutions to a Minimum

It can be easy to have a list of 10 or more new Year’s resolutions, but can you focus on that many things at one time? The best thing to do is keep your list short, preferably no more than 3-5 goals for the year. The only exception would be if you have a small goal to complete each month.

Consider One Resolution at a Time

Try to stick to just one goal at a time, spreading them out the best you can. Similar to not having too many resolutions for one year, you also don’t want too many new things to focus on at one time. This is just setting yourself up for failure. So decide which you can start with, and try not to begin the next goal until the one previous has been completed or is at least on the right track.

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