What are Microgreens?

MicrogreensWould you like to try an interesting new way to add nutrition to your food? If so, an expert from Functional Medicine Los Angeles recommends that you should give microgreens a try. If you are still getting familiar with microgreens, then you might be surprised to find out that they can supply you with some really great benefits and taste options that can increase the enjoyment of the food you love. Microgreens are vibrant, and beautiful to look at, but there’s a lot more there than just bright green color to discuss with some examination.

Microgreens: Tiny Plants with Big Flavor

Microgreens are really basically baby plants. These little versions of plants can be amazingly flavorful in addition to providing a very different taste than you would find in the adult version of the plant. These little plants will add nice textures and colors to anything you put them with. When you get a chance, you can try some young versions of plants added to your salads and smoothies to spice up things a bit. Notable ones to try would be cilantro, sprouts, red cabbage, and green daikon radishes. Each of the families of varieties can produce a different flavor profile, so experimenting with them is a must!

They Contain Concentrations of Nutrients

A few studies from Functional Medicine Burbank determine that many of the species of plants’ microgreens contain massive concentrations of nutrients in them. This is a major reason why people have begun to look at them so closely. The lack of natural nutrition in food has people in the health community looking for any new and exciting way to make their food more nutritious, and science appears to support their hopes, although there are some varieties of young plants that contain the same amount of nutrients as adults plants, so these findings can vary depending on which species is being looked at as a potential nutrient boost.

How Feasible Are They Really?

While it’s relatively encouraging that microgreens have some big benefits in your food, professionals from Functional Medicine Studio City state that you might also need a really big wallet to be able to afford them from a grocery store. Microgreens tend to be very expensive, so it might be a better idea for you to get a growing kit and start to grow some for yourself. They won’t require much water, and they won’t even take very long to grow. You can find various supplies for growing little plants indoors so you can keep your little greens fresh and low-cost for your food.

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