Are You at Risk For Cardiovascular Disease?

Are You at Risk For Cardiovascular Disease?If you’re not aware of the factors that could make you vulnerable to heart disease, it could seem like heart issues appear suddenly and without warning. Functional Medicine Los Angeles emphasizes the importance of knowing what you can do to protect yourself. By increasing your awareness of the signs associated with heart problems, you can save your life or the lives of others around you. Since this topic is relatively nuanced, it’ll be good to look at each of the factors as they affect people across demographics.

Functional Medicine Burbank lists a few of the factors that put you at risk for cardiovascular disease.

Things You Can’t Change

There are a number of factors that are encoded in genetics that there is little you can do about. If your family has a history of heart problems or defects, then it is possible for you to experience some issues related to that as you get older. Age is another factor that is relatively inevitable, because as your age increases, so do your chances of heart issues. Men are generally at the highest risk, but women who are post-menopausal are also considered to be a part of the high-risk group.

What You Can Change

Even though there are many things beyond your control, there are still quite a few things that you can do to safeguard yourself against heart issues. This can be done by choosing to avoid specific habits and engaging in healthy practices. According to providers of functional medicine Studio City, smoking is considered one of the most dangerous in this group because of its vein and artery-restricting effect on your vascular system. This condition can lead to the easy formation of blood clots and increase blood pressure to dangerous levels. When your heart has to work that hard, it can easily become tired and fail.

Being Overweight

This is another factor that can put a hefty strain on your system. A large amount of body fat can deposit around sensitive areas making it more difficult for your heart to beat without massive amounts of stress. It also makes it far more difficult to breathe. When breathing becomes shallower, it can put your body into fight or flight mode, putting even more strain on an already struggling heart. Functional medicine doctors strongly encourage you to avoid any of the bad choices that will contribute to an already burdened system.

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