Benefits of a Grain-Free Diet

Choosing to go grain-free is a great option, both for people with and without allergies to various grains. The health benefits make considering a grain-free diet or at least cutting back on grains, worth trying.

It Improves Your Digestion

For the most part, grains are derived from the seeds of various wild types of grass. When incorporated into food, they are used as either whole-grain or refined. Refined grains are the worse of the two variations because it has undergone a process that removes essentially all the nutritional parts of the grain from the final product.

Both refined and whole-grain foods are rough on the digestion system, though. The outer part of the seeds is not easily processed by our bodies. This is a different issue than individuals who can’t eat gluten or have celiac disease. Grains contain high amounts of carbs that convert into sugar, which is especially rough on our stomachs. Grains also hold Phytic acids and enzyme inhibitors; these both prevent your digestive system from doing its job and efficiently breaking down and processing the food that you consume.

As a bonus from improved digestion, you will also notice that bloating in your stomach will begin to subside. This is due to a combination of an inflammatory response and bloating caused by an imbalance in gut bacteria.

You Can Get Clearer Skin

The vast majority of grains contain zonulin, which is a chemical that, although not dangerous or toxic, causes proteins to not be properly digested. When this occurs, it results in the excess proteins traveling through your system and causing your body to lower certain aspects of its immune system as well as promote inflammation. When inflammatory substances are present in your blood, it makes your skin much more likely to break out in bumps, acne, or rashes.

The same issue can result from gluten, which is found in other grains besides just wheat. Again, these won’t kill you unless you have some sort of severe allergy, but it certainly isn’t helping your overall state of health. It is worth mentioning that these substances are also partially behind what is causing the previously stated digestive issues. It makes you wonder if our bodies are trying to tell us that they don’t want us to consume such a large amount of grains.

You Get Mental Alertness and Energy

Carb crashes are persistent in diets consisting mainly of grains. The carbohydrates, which are sugars, give us a great deal of energy, but then quickly burn off and leave us feeling drained, tired, and mentally groggy.

Vegetables, beans, legumes, and many other types of plant-based foods have a variety of carbs that are “slow-burning” and provide you with a consistent stream of energy throughout the day. Refined grains give you a quick glucose spike and drop, which is very dangerous for your insulin levels and can even lead to becoming diabetic.

For a clear mind, stronger stomach, and improved health overall, try cutting down on grains; you’ll certainly notice the difference in a few days.

Follow These Helpful Grain-Free Tips

Grain-free is a diet you cannot afford to ignore if you want to live a healthy lifestyle. It aids digestion, resets the body, and helps you cope with certain illnesses. However, grain-free eating requires a lot of self-discipline, especially if you are the type who likes bread, tortillas, pasta, and muffins. Follow the tips discussed below to enable you to transition smoothly to a grain-free diet.

Keep Eggs 

Eggs, especially boiled ones, are good for a grain-free diet. They provide the right amount of proteins and prevent the shock that usually comes when you suddenly stop using grains. Make sure you keep a dozen of eggs in the refrigerator. Use the eggs for breakfast, emergency dinner, and pretty much anytime you feel like eating.

Cook Extra Meals

Make extra meals to save you the time and energy you will use to prepare meals every now and then. This will help you fight hunger pangs that usually make people crave for high-carb foods such as grains. Try to have some extra proteins available and good snacks.

Stock Your Fridge with Fruits and Vegetables

Since you are not eating whole grains, you will need a lot of food to fill you up. Make sure you fill your fridge with a lot of fruits and vegetables. You need to be able to create salads and chop up veggies and serve them alongside other meals can really help you make a smooth transition into a grain-free diet. Eat a lot of cabbage leaves, cauliflower purees, zucchini noodles, lettuce cups, oranges, blueberries, and coconut.

Eat Good Fat

One of the biggest problems for people who are embracing a grain-free diet is constant sugar cravings. You can avoid this by increasing the rate at which you use fat. Eating fats in satiating can help prevent any sugar cravings. Treat yourself to dark chocolate, butter, and a little bit of cheese and sea salt.

Change Your Meal 

You need to change your meal plan. Strive and make it as nutritious as possible. However, this does not mean that if you fail to eat grains then you are likely to become nutritionally deficient. In fact, omitting grains from your diet will improve your overall nutrition. Try different foods, including meat, vegetables, nuts, eggs, and fruits. These foods provide the body with a lot of nutrients.

Use a Meal Planning Tool

Observing a diet that is free from grains can be very difficult. Sometimes you can forget and eat bread and muffins along the way. To avoid this, use a meal planning tool to create customized menus. Some tools will even create a grocery shopping list for you so that you don’t have to shop every day. By using a planning tool, you can enjoy your meals throughout without having to worry about what you should prepare.

Big changes, especially those that involve whole grains can be challenging to the body. However, with the right food choices, you can make a smooth transition to a grain-free diet. Use the tips highlighted above to get started.

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