Crystals for Anxiety and Stress

Each healing crystal you get for your spiritual practice will have many different healing properties and energies. But there are some that are more destined for easing your anxiety and stress.

Rose Quartz

Look at gentle and soothing crystals to help with your anxiety and stress, such as the beautiful rose quartz crystal. This is a light pink crystal that is often used for attracting love and improving personal relationships in your life. However, it can also be a very calming stone, removing negative energy from your mind and helping you to relieve stress. If you are feeling anxious about yourself and need some self-love, rose quartz is also an ideal crystal to use.


For nurturing your mind and spirit, charge a jade crystal with positive energy. Jade is a soft, smooth crystal with a serene green shade. You may be drawn to jade crystals when you need a boost in intuition if you are feeling anxiety or panic, or any type of overwhelming. If you are facing burnout in your professional life or are dealing with a lot of anxious emotions in your personal life, use jade in your spiritual practice.

Black Tourmaline

Another very calming crystal is black tourmaline. This is not quite as known for its relaxing properties as amethyst and rose quartz, but it is just as powerful. It is a wonderful stone when you need to rid yourself of any type of negative energy, including anxiety, stress, resentment, guilt, and anger. It is ideal when you are journaling out your thoughts and will be releasing a lot of negative emotions.


Naturally, amethyst is on the list of the best crystals that help with alleviating anxiety and stress. The calming purple stone has been used for reducing stress and anxiety for centuries. Most people with crystals in their homes have amethyst because it is such a positive and soothing crystal. An added benefit of amethyst is that it helps you to sleep better and rid you of nightmares if your anxiety is causing sleep problems.


The last crystal to consider for anxiety and stress is the moonstone, also known as the mellow stone. Moonstone carries the energy of protection, femininity, balance, and growth. You can increase your inner strength and resilience to help get you through the most stressful times in your life. Charge moonstone under a full moon to rid it of its negative energies.

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