Healthy and Delicious Butternut Squash Recipes

Butternut squash soup with pumpkin seed

One of the most popular superfoods to use in the fall is butternut squash and for good reason. It is creamy, tasty, and very nutritious. There are many ways to use this type of squash, from soup to salad. Here are some ideas to use up all that squash.

Butternut Squash Soup

Functional Medicine Los Angeles recommends a good classic recipe to make in the fall with butternut squash soup. This is one of the more popular soups for the fall and winter season when this superfood vegetable is best. There really are many ways to make this soup, whether you go with traditional butternut squash and spices, or you add some pumpkin to it as well. Herbs and seasonings like sage, thyme, rosemary, onion, and a little spice with red pepper flakes are good basics to start with. You can also add other veggies like carrots and celery to make it a heartier soup.

Chicken and Butternut Squash

Another recipe that Functional Medicine Burbank suggests that uses butternut squash in it is another savory dish. This is one you can make right on the stovetop, though you can definitely turn it into a baked dish as well. You are going to combine chicken with butternut squash, then add your choice of veggies and seasonings. Both green beans and asparagus go great with this dish, but don’t be afraid to experiment, such as adding sun-dried tomatoes or even some pumpkin for more superfoods. A little parmesan cheese will go a long way with this meal.

Pasta with Squash

Don’t forget you can also make pasta with veggies like squash! While a lot of people like to make spaghetti noodles with zucchini, you can also use butternut squash. They are in season during the fall and very nutritious, so this really is a win-win. To make pasta from butternut squash, you just need a spiralizer to make the long spaghetti noodles. Mix them with salt, pepper, olive oil, and butter, and cook until tender. You can then add in any ingredients you want.

Butternut Squash Salad

If you enjoy eating salads, Functional Medicine Studio City considers adding some squash to them. Cut up a ripe squash into bite-size pieces and add to your favorite greens. Kale is a superfood perfect for fall, though spinach and other greens work too. Top it with fall ingredients like apples or pears, cranberries, cauliflower, or pumpkin. Don’t forget some nuts or seeds like pumpkin seeds or walnuts.

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