How Journaling Can Help With Sleeping Problems?

How Journaling Can Help With Sleeping Problems?

Journaling is something that may bring to mind a diary-style daily entry about your thoughts. For many people though, journaling is much more than that. Journaling is a way to map out issues, find triggers in their life, and remove negativity from their day. For someone with sleeping issues, it can be the very tool that helps them remove their sleeping issues so they can achieve a better, more restful sleep.

If you have heard that journaling may help your sleeping issues but you may not know how, our experts at Functional Medicine Los Angeles offer some things to consider:

  • Finding Triggers and Patterns

    According to various Functional Medicine Doctors, one of the leading reasons people use journaling to help with sleeping problems is to find triggers and patterns that are leading to the sleep problem. In fact, many people find that journaling helps get to the root of their issues.

    For example, you may think that your sleeping problems are triggered by your mind being too active at night. After journaling, you may find that your mind is too active, but it is due to an issue that is happening during the day. It may be work-related, friendship-related, or just socially related. The point is that the triggers and patterns are not always evident, and journaling can help you bring them to light.

  • Reviewing Your Treatment Plan

    You have likely started a treatment plan prescribed by a Functional Medicine Burbank doctor of some type in order to combat your sleeping issues. This treatment plan may be natural or may include diet, exercise, or even prescription medications. The issue with this is that sometimes the combination of these treatment plans or portions of these treatment plans may not work.

    By journaling, you can find out what is working and what isn’t, and find ways to work around those problems to help your sleep patterns. You can also document what is working and what isn’t to take to your doctor so they can assist you in finding alternatives.

  • Getting Stress Out Before Sleep

    Journaling can help you vent the stress before you sleep. You can write about your day and the problems you are having, and rant about what is going on without worrying about blowback from it. Yes, you can do this on social media, but you will have to open yourself up to opinions on your rant. This can actually cause more stress and more sleeping issues. A journal doesn’t judge and you can vent whatever you need to easily and in private.

    At our Functional Medicine Hollywood, we believe these are just a few of the ways that journaling can help with sleeping problems. It does take some time and it does take motivation to journal and use your journal properly, but once you get a routine down with journaling and the process, you will start to see improvements in your daily life and your sleep patterns.

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