How Your Zodiac Sign Brings the Magic

In Western Astrology, there are 12 zodiac signs, each representing a different time of year, when the Earth is orbiting around the sun. Your “sun” sign is the sign many people think of when they think of zodiac signs, though you have many signs, including your moon, rising, Venus, and even Lilith signs.

For the purpose of this report, we are talking about your sun sign in Western astrology. With each sun sign, you get different personality traits, different quirks, and different strengths and weaknesses. This is the beauty of being unique and being born at a different time of year when it can shape who you are and how you represent yourself to the world.

Your zodiac sign also brings the magic, no matter what it is. People often think about certain signs more prone to high intuition and “magical qualities” like Pisces, Scorpio, and Virgo, but the fact is, every single sign of the zodiac brings its own kind of magic to the world.

Delve into the unique magic that aligns with your individual well-being with Functional Medicine Los Angeles. Here is a look at what kind of magic your zodiac sun sign is associated with.

Aries: Your Fiery Determination

– Aries, you are not only the first fire sign of the zodiac, but the first sign entirely. As the leader, you are all about your fire, passion, and courage. You are incredibly brave, extremely determined, and always so dynamic. You are a fearless soul, a force to be reckoned with. No other sign can match your boldness or your strength.

– For this reason, your magic is in your fiery determination. It is that passion that flows out of you with every word, every action, every thought. You never back down from a challenge, and you are incredibly bold in your determination.

– Through your magic, you teach other signs how to be brave, how to be ambitious, and how to not let their fears hold them back.

Taurus: Your Healing Abilities

– Taurus, you are revered for how down-to-earth you are and how grounded you are. You are naturally drawn to relaxing and soothing environments, often surrounded by earth.

– You are the gardeners of the zodiac, the people most likely to be surrounded by plants and flowers, to have your own herb gardens in your background. You are the most likely friend to have real aloe to help a friend who has a cut or a burn.

– This is why your magical ability is your healing ability. You have natural healing powers because of how grounded and connected to the Earth you are. You are one of the most nurturing signs, always there for everyone else to help them and heal them.

– Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. Friends come to you when they need validation, you help them feel seen, and you help your friends feel appreciated. You have a unique ability to help people feel special.

You are here to heal and restore the Earth, your community, and the people you love the most

Gemini: Your Intelligent and Flexible Mind

– It should come as no surprise that your healing power and your magic come from your mind, intelligent Gemini. You have always been known for your intelligence, your curiosity, and your knowledge. As a Gemini, you are a mutable sign, one who is flexible, open-minded, and willing to compromise. You are constantly switching back and forth between your intelligence and your playfulness.

– You are the shapeshifter of the zodiac, able to use your mind to be playful and spontaneous, while always being incredibly interesting and intellectual. Therefore, your magic and superpower is always going to be your mind.

Cancer: Your Deep, Genuine Emotions

– Cancer, you are as intuitive, emotional, and sensitive as all water signs, but no other sign can match your emotional intensity. You are all about your emotions, and you never shy away from them or back down. You are not afraid to cry in front of strangers or to be vulnerable with your friends and family.

– You have an innate ability to form deep, genuine connections with anyone you meet, thanks to how intuitive and empathetic you are. Others are drawn to you because of your genuine, authentic emotions and because you never fear them. You fully embrace every emotion, every feeling, every thought you come across.

– You are able to connect so deeply with others, that this is where your magic lies. You teach people to be more empathetic, to embrace their emotions, to be nurturing and welcoming, and to never be afraid of how they genuinely feel.

– As the symbol of the crab, you often are found existing in both the mystical sea and the tangible shore. This helps you to bring people together, the grounded and practical friends, and the mystical, magical ones. All connected by their emotional connections.

Leo: Your Magnetic Presence

-Leo, you are intensely magnetic and charismatic. Your light can never be dimmed, and you help teach others how to not dim their lights as well. According to our Functional Medicine Los Angeles professionals, you are powerful, strong, and extremely loyal. You are the leaders of the zodiac, the confident, loud, and proud, lions and lionesses. You are passionate and dramatic, and so admired by everyone who meets you.

-Therefore, your magic is within your magnetic presence. There is nothing quite like it, and it is so inspiring to others. You teach people how to shine their light, how to be the sun on a cloudy day, and how to tap into their inner power and their strength.

Virgo: Your Knowledge

-Virgo, you have many powers that can help make the world a better place. From your ability to be a responsible perfectionist, to how well you can organize your environment, your mind and thoughts, and everything around you with a methodical approach. You are extremely grounded, but in logic, as you are the analytical minds of the zodiac. It is with that knowledge that your power lies.

-But your greatest magical power is your knowledge. Because with your knowledge, you can heal others, you always see things as they are with your analytical mind. Nobody pays more attention to details and recognizes patterns than you do, Virgo.

-Our functional medicine Studio City professionals believe that you are meticulous and detail-oriented, but also surprisingly one of the most psychic of the signs. It is not through your intuition and deep connection to emotions like Cancer and Pisces, but with the way you see through everything and everyone because you notice everything, and nothing ever gets past you. That is where your psychic power lies, again bringing us back to your knowledge as your superpower and your magic.

Libra: Your Peacemaking Abilities

-Libra, you are the peacemaker of the zodiac, which is exactly where your magic lies. You have a magical ability to always create balance and harmony wherever you go. You want everything to be fair and just for everyone and everything. You are eternally optimistic, romantic, and calming, allowing your gentle demeanor to help those around you as the ultimate mediator.

-When you see something is unfair, you make it your life’s mission to make it right. You see the best in everyone and everything, the last person to turn to the negative circumstances and instead find a way to be positive and optimistic. Our functional medicine Burbank experts believe you are charming and alluring, often seen as the romantic of the zodiac. But above all else, you want there to be peace and calm, supporting the universe with your ability to create balance.

Scorpio: Your Mythical Intuition

-Mysterious Scorpio, you are intense and passionate beyond measure. You are absolutely the most underappreciated and confusing signs of the zodiac. People who have not had a lot of Scorpio in their chart can’t possibly understand how your mythical self and your intuition are your superpowers.

-Scorpios are very mysterious, often hiding in the shadows. If you had a superpower, it would be invisibility, because of how well you can hide. You are private, never gossip, and are amazing at keeping people’s secrets. You are intensely passionate, the most fiery of all the water signs.

-But while you are often misunderstood, you are just as soft, emotional, and sensitive as your fellow Cancer and Pisces friends. You have an amazing ability to bring about someone’s deepest desires that they didn’t even know they had. You sometimes make people uncomfortable with how deep you see into their souls, but this is where your magic is.

Sagittarius: Your Adventurous Spirit

-Sagittarius, you are the adventurers, the ones with wanderlust, the most optimistic and abundant of all the zodiac signs. Always the life of the party, people love being around you. You are charismatic and exciting, and that draws people to you in droves.

-You never shy away from a challenge, often teaching others how to live life with more spontaneity and excitement. To the surprise of nobody, your magic is in your adventurous spirit. It is not just that you are adventurous, but you help others to embrace their adventurous spirit as well. You inspire people and help them find their wanderlust. You help people explore everything life has to offer.

Capricorn: Your Ambitious Determination

-If you are a Capricorn, you already know your magic and your greatest strength is your ambition, but others might not realize where it comes from. You are surprisingly psychic, one of the more surprising qualities of any sign in the zodiac. People often look at you is someone with an amazing work ethic who cares a lot about your time and your money, but you are so much more than that.

-Capricorns are resilient, determined, and extremely misunderstood. Not only do you have amazing psychic abilities and can read the room any time you walk into it, but you can also be a lot more sensitive than people think. You set firm boundaries and don’t let anyone take your precious time from you. You are incredibly loyal, and your passion is setting and achieving all your goals.

-People can learn a thing or two from your ambitious determination in this world, which is what makes this your magic.

 Aquarius: Your Humanitarianism

-If you asked someone to describe an Aquarius in one word, they would say: rebel. This is not untrue. You are definitely the rebel. You are a social rebel, refusing to conform to society’s standards and norms. You are unique, quirky, enigmatic, and curious. You are often very creative and always dance to the beat of your own drum.

-But what other people see as eccentricities, you actually hold the superpower of being progressive. You simply see the world differently. You want the world to be a kinder, more welcoming place for everyone, and through your natural innovation and revolutionary traits, become a humanitarian. You do this through your individuality and looking at things in a different, more progressive way.

-This kind of magic can truly change the world for the better.

Pisces: Your Compassion

-Pisces, as the final sign of the zodiac, you are the most wise, compassionate, and empathetic. You get your compassion and empathy from your life experience. Since you are the last of the zodiac, you have learned all the lessons that every other sign has learned. This also makes you more emotional and sensitive to other energies.

-Your magic and your power is in your compassion. Nobody is more compassionate than you, with your gentle and kind spirit, your ability to turn anything into a romantic interlude, and your softness that helps to ease other people’s pains. You have a big imagination, represented by 2 fish who are swimming back and forth between fantasy and reality.

-Through your compassion, you teach people not to suppress their emotions, that it is okay to be empathetic and sympathetic to others, and that being kind and sensitive is a virtue. Your love and wisdom is what strengthens your compassion, and that provides magic to everyone around you.

-Our professionals believe that the beauty of each sign is that while you may be different and contain different traits, you all bring the magic that helps everyone else. Every single sign is important and vital to our existence, helping each other grow, be more sensitive and emotional, be stronger and courageous, face our fears, look at things differently, and find our inner magic.

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