Is Your Menstrual Cycle Normal? What You Should Know

Is Your Menstrual Cycle Normal? What You Should Know

Once you go through puberty and begin getting your period, you will have regular menstrual cycles that occur about once a month. This is to help prepare your uterus and body for pregnancy, which causes your sex hormones to rise and fall during each cycle. If you don’t become pregnant, the cycles will then repeat next month.

Having an abnormal menstrual cycle is very common, but might be something you need to bring up with your Functional Medicine Burbank doctor. Here are some signs that we at Functional Medicine Los Angeles use to indicate a normal or abnormal menstrual cycle.

What is Considered a Normal Menstrual Cycle?

First of all, you might have a normal menstrual cycle even if it seems a little abnormal to you, or if it changes during certain months. Not every woman has the perfect 28-day cycle with ovulation on day 14. This is just an average of what a “normal” menstrual cycle can be, according to many experts in the field of Functional Medicine Studio City.

So, what makes up a normal cycle? Here are a few things to think about:

  1. Do you have your period most months? It is completely normal to occasionally skip a period from stress or external factors, but if the majority of the time, you have your period every month, it is usually normal.
  2. Is your menstrual cycle between 28 and 35 days? You don’t need a menstrual cycle of 28 or 30 days every month, but within this range is usually considered normal. It is when your menstrual cycle is extremely short (20 days or less) or extremely long (40 days or more) that it might be a concern.
  3. Do you show signs of ovulation most months? Ovulation might show signs like mid-cycle cramping or spotting, breast tenderness, or hormonal changes. If you get a period every month and show one of these signs, you are probably ovulating normally.
  4. Is your period flow consistent month to month? Your period flow during your period is going to range from light to medium to heavy, but if it mostly follows the same pattern every month, it is considered normal.

If you aren’t sure, it’s best to seek our expertise in Functional Medicine Hollywood.

Signs it Might Not Be Normal

There are quite a few signs that could mean your menstrual cycle is not normal, and you might have something else going on.

  1. You haven’t had a period in 2-3 months or longer.  Skipping a period isn’t always cause for concern, but if it’s been 90 days or longer since the period and you aren’t pregnant, you should consult your doctor, preferably with expertise in Functional Medicine Toluca Lake.
  2. Your period or menstrual cycle varies each month. Do you notice that nothing seems consistent with your menstrual cycle or period? From PMS symptoms to bleeding, to how long your periods last, if they aren’t consistent, there could be something else going on.
  3. You have intense cramping or bleeding throughout the month. In addition, if you have pain and spotting or bleeding throughout the month, even if it’s not every day of the month, it might be a sign of endometriosis, PCOS, or fibroids.

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