Possible Oral Health Reasons for Halitosis

possible-oral-health-reasons-for-halitosisHalitosis is a problem that afflicts many people all over the world. A person suffering from halitosis is likely to experience a measure of social anxiety or isolation due to the odors that are coming from their mouth, so it is an important issue that should be addressed. Key questions that should be considered include what causes halitosis and how these effects can be diminished. The following information provided to you by Functional Medicine Los Angeles will explore just a few of the oral health reasons for halitosis.

Food in Your Teeth

As experts from Functional Medicine Burbank would agree, one of the leading causes of bad breath is the continued presence of previous meals in the mouth. When you eat, small pieces of your food can become trapped around the gums and between the teeth, leading to an abundance of areas where food has become deposited. If the food isn’t removed through a mechanical process like brushing or flossing, then the food will be free to sit in your mouth and rot. Even though this rot is small, it will still be perceivable to others and possibly yourself. You must take the steps to remove these food particles to maintain oral hygiene.

Dry Mouth

If your mouth becomes too dry, professionals from Functional Medicine Studio City may diagnose you as having a dry mouth. This can be very problematic because moisture is very important for the elimination process that takes place in the mouth using saliva. If there isn’t enough saliva present in the mouth, bacteria will flourish, causing a detectable increase in unpleasant smells. When you keep your mouth from getting dry, the saliva can work to remove harmful, smell-producing bacteria because it contains enzymes that help your mouth maintain its natural balance.

Rotting Teeth or Gums

The rotting of anything in the mouth would create a foul-smelling odor. It is of utmost importance to keep your mouth healthy to avoid conditions that could lead to the death of teeth in your mouth. Food that is trapped between teeth should be removed daily, because it may lead to serious infections and cause the death of tissues near the infection site.

Other Medical Issues

Odors from the mouth can also be caused by infections or sickness in other local areas, such as the sinus region. Maintaining the health of the throat and sinuses can reduce odors and other uncomfortable effects caused by local infection. Speak with a provider from Functional Medicine Toluca Lake if you have an infection in these regions.

For more information about the causes of halitosis, get in touch with the Functional Medicine Doctors from Functional Medicine Los Angeles today!

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