The Stages of Quitting Sugar

When you read magazines and health reports online, you are given the picture that quitting sugar is a simple one step process. Just find or use an alternative and quitting can happen overnight. The truth with this is that there are actually stages of quitting sugar. You cannot just drop it without side effects and backlash from your system. Here are the stages of quitting sugar, how to start them, and what to know about making each one work for you in your daily life.

Removing Known Sugars

The first step to quitting sugars is to remove all the known sugars in your diet. This means removing drinks, even diet drinks that contain sugars. You also want to remove sugars that are artificial. Both cause health risks and dangers. Remove processed foods that contain high sugar contents as well. By just removing known sugars from your diet you can reduce the amount of risks and sugars that are causing you health issues. This may seem like the simplest and easiest step, but honestly it can be the hardest step for some people and the hardest to make choices during.

Detoxing Process

The second step is the detoxing process. You need to do a cleanse that removes the buildup from your system. There is no precise amount of time the detox process can take. One day, three days, or up to a month may be necessary to remove the buildup in your system and reset your system. One of the ways to do this is a clean eating diet that gives you good food, solid nutrition, and vitamins. Once you go through this process you can move onto a healthy diet.

Side Effects

There are certain side effects that you need to prepare for. One of the most common is headaches. Headaches from the lack of stimulation and sugar can start within the same day and can become increasingly painful as time goes on. One way you can deal with the headaches are natural methods like meditation or essential oils. This can help reduce the effects or help you get through the headaches that may last for several days or weeks depending on how long your sugar addiction has lasted.

By taking it stage slowly, you can ensure that you will be able to handle the process easily. It will not happen overnight. It will take time and you do need to be patient through this process. You will be rewarded with a higher health score with your doctor and the removal of risk factors related to sugar and sugar addiction.

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