Tips For Handling Holiday Parties

When you are attempting to lose some weight and be healthier during the holidays, those parties can be your downfall. You want to enjoy time with friends and family, but the temptation of treats and delicious cocktails can make it much more difficult. Here are some tips for handling parties and still losing weight.

Go For the Veggies First

Try to fill up on healthy fruits and veggies before going for other foods. If the holiday party doesn’t have a big meal, but just offers snacks and appetizers, there is probably a veggie plate and some type of fruit dish. Put these food items on a plate and eat them all with a bottle of water or whatever type of drink they are offering, then wait a few minutes before deciding to eat anything else. In many cases, this is enough to satiate your hunger and even feed those sugar cravings you are having.

Add Snacks to a Plate

One of the worst things you can do at a party when you are trying to lose weight is to stand next to the food. Grab a small plate if they are being offered and put some healthy food items on the plate. Walk away to another area of the party to socialize and have your snacks. If you stand by the food, you are not only more likely to start dipping chips in the dip, but it is a lot harder to keep track of exactly how much you are eating. You might be surprised how quickly you can down 20 chips and dip or eat several pieces of fudge without even realizing it.

Try to Avoid the Cocktails

Cocktails are often a bad idea when you are at a holiday party. If you want to drink at the party, try to wait and not have it immediately upon arriving. When you drink alcohol, it can increase your cravings and make you more inclined to go for all the bad stuff. Plus, if you start drinking early, it is probably not going to be your only drink of the night. Either nurse a drink all night or wait an hour or so before treating yourself to a cocktail.

Socialize Instead of Eating

A good plan for avoiding the food and not over-indulging is to socialize instead. Take this opportunity to talk to friends and family you haven’t seen in a while, mingle throughout the crowd, and meet new people

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