Top Herbs to Take When You Want to Improve Your Fertility

When you are considering your menu plan to help boost your fertility, you may be looking at only your solid food. There are some other things to consider, like herbs that will help as well. These herbs can be added to your meals, taken as supplements, or added into your juices and smoothies. If you are not sure which herbs will be best for you, then consider the following herbs and how to incorporate them for your fertility.

Evening Primrose Oil

Balancing your hormones is vital to your overall reproductive health. If your hormones are not balanced it can lead to irregular periods. This makes it nearly impossible to get pregnant. The reason is because with an irregular period you are unable to track your ovulation schedule. This makes it more difficult to figure out your more fertile time of the month and narrow down the best days to try and conceive. Evening primrose oil can be found at most stores that carry supplements or in health food stores.


Cinnamon balances your hormones but it also balances your blood sugar as well. This can help keep you regular and your body on a solid routine. In addition to these benefits, it makes the mark as one of the top herbs by reducing heavy bleeding during your period and regulating your overall cycle. It also improves circulation in your body and regulation of your reproductive system. If you plan on using cinnamon try to find non-synthetic, GMO free, and vegan cinnamon sticks and grind it yourself or find the same labels for fresh ground cinnamon.


Ginger is an easy to find herb in most produce sections in grocery stores and whole food stores. You can even grow ginger root at home year round. The reason it makes the top of the herb list for fertility is due to several properties. Ginger helps reduce inflammation. It also helps with detoxification of the system. You can use ginger by grating it into juices, foods, or making it as a tea.

Keep in mind, most of these herbs can be grown and grown year round easily at home. You should stick with whole herbs or herbs that are in supplement form. Try to stay away from dried herbs or herbal mixes that are ground and mixed as they may not have the amount of nutrients you need to boost your fertility.


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