Vitamins and Supplements That Help Your Cardiovascular Health

Nutrition that you consume provides you with the raw materials you need to make sure that you can repair your body and grow, so it makes sense that any person would want to be sure that they had the proper nutrition to accomplish that, but today’s food landscape is much different than the past. Many people find it very difficult to get what they need without supplementing, and this deficiency could cause health issues later. What kind of supplements help with cardiovascular health? This article is geared towards providing you with a short list of some of the most important things you need.

This chemical is a naturally occurring amino acid that is good for the heart because it is an important part of the creation of nitric oxide which opens the blood vessels. That means that it has a very positive effect on high blood pressure, and improves blood flow. Studies have proven that taking arginine has the ability to aid vascular functionality, and can limit the effects of symptoms related to cardiac dysfunction.

Fish Oil
The Omega 3 fatty acids contained in fish oil pills is a powerful aid to your cardiovascular health. These amazing pills have been able to cut the triglyceride levels by nearly a third, and have been able to reduce the chances for coronary arterial deaths. Omega 3 fatty acids have also been shown to protect the cardiovascular system against damage by reducing inflammation of the arterial walls. Another amazing side effect is its ability to enhance the erosion of arterial plaque and fats in the bloodstream, making it more difficult for clots and blockages to form.

Plant Sterols
The sterols in plants are structured in a very similar way to the way cholesterol is structured, but if you ingest sterols by eating plants, the sterols block the gut and intestine’s ability to absorb as much cholesterol. This has a positive effect on the amount of cholesterol that ends up in the blood stream. Many organizations centered around heart health have declared that the consumption of plant sterols can help people to live healthier lives and reduce the chances for cardiac incidents.

Although lycopene can be found in a wide range of vegetables and fruits, the tomato has proven itself as the highest and most substantial source of this cholesterol and fat diminishing chemical. It works in the blood to break down clots, arterial plaque and other impurities.

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