Why Use Collagen for Anti-Aging?

Anti-aging, or rather healthy aging, doesn’t try to reverse the clock, but it allows you to age gracefully. You remain as healthy as you can as you get older and try to avoid premature signs of aging, like sun damage to your skin, and lines and wrinkles. As you age, your skin loses its elasticity and can cause wrinkles and other issues. If you are looking for a way to boost your anti-aging efforts, collagen just might be the solution. Learn more about that here in Functional Medicine Los Angeles.

Improve Skin’s Elasticity

This is perhaps the top reason you should try using a collagen supplement to help reduce the signs of aging on your skin. When you get older, the collagen breaks down in your skin, which can then lead to a reduction in your skin’s elasticity. This is the ability to stay tight and bounce back. Unfortunately, without much elasticity, your skin will loosen, which increases the risk of wrinkles and deep lines.

This can happen prematurely if you have a lot of sun exposure, don’t take care of your skin, are not eating nutritious foods, or are just from the natural aging process. With collagen, you are replacing some of those amino acids, allowing you to tighten up your skin and possibly even smooth out some lines and wrinkles. If you’re interested in knowing further, we provide functional medicine in Burbank and other areas in Los Angeles. We can offer you expert tips and guidance to improve your skin health through food, healthy habits, and supplements.

Reduce the Signs of Sun Damage

The sun’s UV rays can be very damaging to your skin, not just with potential sunburn and sun spots, but overall unhealthy skin. Excessive sun exposure can actually cause the collagen in your skin to break down at a more rapid pace, leading to many other issues with signs of aging. One of the things that collagen does for your skin is help to protect it from these negative effects and reverse some of the damage that the sun has already done to your skin.

Everyone experiences sun damage, thus, as experts of functional medicine in Studio City, we recommend protecting your skin, besides taking collagen supplements. Some practices include consistently applying broad-spectrum sunscreen, wearing protective clothing, and seeking shade during peak sun hours.

Ways to Use Collagen for Anti-Aging

You probably already know the main way to use collagen for anti-aging is collagen supplements. These come in powder form, and allow you to quickly add them to a hot or cold drink, which then dissolves so you can drink it. It won’t cause any type of flavor, smell, or color to your drink; the collagen dissolves instantly. There are also some masks that have come out for your face that use collagen, such as sheet masks and peel or wash-off masks.

Are you looking for functional medicine doctors to help you age gracefully and improve your health, reach out to Functional Medicine Los Angeles today!

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