How to Cleanse and Charge Your Crystals

When you use crystals for spiritual practices, healing, and divination, they need to be cleansed and charged regularly. Crystals can hold all types of positive and negative energy, which might affect their uses. As a trusted functional medicine Studio City provider, we at Functional Medicine Los Angeles share some tips for charging your crystals.

– Why Do You Need to Charge Your Crystals?

The reason you cleanse and charge crystals is to get rid of their current energy and add in your own. Crystals hold onto all different forms of energy, not just by you, but by other people who touch them or go near them or from the energy in space. So, if you use a crystal to help with emotional trauma, all that negative energy is in the crystal. Before you use it for something else, trust us as functional medicine Los Angeles experts when we say you need to recharge it.

This is a common mistake people make when they start using crystals for spiritual practices then suddenly, it feels different. This is because you are not cleansing and charging it often enough.

– Charge Under the New or Full Moon

The best way to charge your crystals is by using the moon. Many people who benefit from our Burbank functional medicineservices like to use the full moon, but the new moon also has some unique benefits.

To start with, the full moon helps cleanse your crystals of their negative energies. It is perfect when you first get a new crystal or if you have been using it for a while and it needs to be charged to accept new energy. Simply place your crystals outside under the full moon and leave them overnight.

You can also charge crystals with the new moon, though this works better for setting intentions. If the crystals have already been cleansed, you can program them under a new moon for things like manifestations using those crystals.

– Other Methods of Charging Crystals

If you don’t want to use the moon or can’t wait for the next full moon, there are a few more options for charging your crystals.

First of all, you can charge crystals with selenite, which, on its own, can be a charging crystal. This does need to be cleansed during every full moon though.

Another option is to make moon water by placing a clear water container outside under a full moon, then saving it to cleanse different crystals.

If you have sage to burn in your home for cleansing spaces, you can cleanse crystals with this as well.

If you need help with cleansing your crystal, please don’t hesitate to contact our functional medicine Burbank practice.

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