5 Matcha Flavor Combos to Try Out

Matcha green tea is extremely good for you, but not everyone wants just regular green tea. If this sounds like you, then you will definitely enjoy at least one of these different drink combos that use green tea and other delicious ingredients.

  1. Minty Iced Matcha

This first recipe is a type of iced matcha green tea that also uses some mint. It is a clean and refreshing taste that is perfect for a hot summer day when you want that coolness in your drink, but you also want the health benefits of the matcha. Use filtered water and combine your matcha powder with mint, juice from a lime, some crushed ice, and a little honey for added sweetness. You can put it in a jar or shaker with the lid on and give it a nice shake.

  1. Iced Matcha Latte

Are you a fan of green tea lattes? If so, you will probably like this matcha version. Just like a regular green tea latter, you want to start with your favorite type of milk, whether you go with regular cow’s milk, cashew milk, almond milk, or other milk substitute. Unsweetened is best when you are adding a sweetener like honey or maple syrup. Otherwise, you can skip that and use sweetened nut milk instead. You will add your matcha powder and a little bit of vanilla extract, then add the ingredients to a blender. Pour it over ice, and it’s ready to serve.

  1. Green Tea Limeade

For a hot summer day, it doesn’t get much better than limeade or lemonade. You can add some health to your limeade by using matcha green tea powder. For a limeade, you want to use hot water with matcha green tea powder, lime juice, cold water, and a sugar of your choosing. For true limeade, pure cane sugar is usually best. Dissolve the powder in the hot water, then mix in the other ingredients and cool it in the fridge. Once cool, you can add ice to your pitcher.

  1. Coconut Latte With Matcha

Another latte drink that will use green tea powder is one flavored with coconut. This has a fun tropical flavor to it, plus extra nutrition from the matcha as opposed to just a regular coffee latte. You still get a little caffeine with this drink. You will make this similar to the other latte, except you are going to add some coconut oil to the drink. You can make it a stronger flavor by using coconut milk in lieu of the other milk options.

  1. Mocha Green Tea

When you want a little mocha mixed in with your drink, you can combine matcha green tea powder with some cacao powder, ground vanilla bean, and dairy of your choice. Coconut milk, cashew milk, and almond milk are all great options.

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