Crystals for Self-Love and Confidence

Are you looking to boost your self-love and confidence? Are you struggling with your self-esteem, and simply using affirmations or manifestations isn’t working? If so, it might be time to add some healing crystals to your practice. Here are some of the best crystals for confident energy.

Strawberry Quartz

What you will notice is that many crystals used for love, self-love, and confidence are a pretty pink or red color. Strawberry quartz is the first example of that, with its pink hue. Quartz in general is a very healing and powerful crystal to use for multiple purposes. The strawberry quartz helps with your heart chakra and can provide you with more confidence, self-love, and warmth when thinking about yourself and your life.


Next is the carnelian crystal, which is a beautiful red and orange crystal. This just exudes power to anyone who holds it, so you feel powerful and strong just by having it in your presence. If you’re looking to do a big oral presentation or have a speech you are nervous about, wear Carnelian and you will feel much more confident. It can also be used when you are working on increasing your creativity.

Red Jasper

Another red-colored stone for self-love and confidence is red jasper. This is another amazing crystal to use for increasing your strength and resilience. Sometimes when you need confidence or a boost of self-esteem, what you are really looking for is more strength from within. That is what you get with red jasper. Even the most stressful situation feels a little lighter when you use this crystal.


When you are on your self-love journey, there may come a point when you need to set healthy boundaries with people and become more self-aware of what you need and deserve in your life. For this level of confidence and energy, amazonite is an amazing crystal to use. It can also help to relieve your anxiety and help you find more compassionate words for people you are setting boundaries with.


Lastly, pick up a citrine crystal for self-love and confidence. Work through your worries that you have not just about yourself, but when others are involved in this journey. Feel more powerful, gain inner strength, and be your most confident self with this crystal. Like Carnelian, citrine is a great crystal to wear or carry with you when you have something you need a little more confidence for.

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