Why You Should Try an Energy Detox?

No matter if it’s seasonal, stress-related, or simply something in the air, we all lose our energy at some point or another. We all go through phases where we feel worn down and that we would rather just stay in bed all day. Energy is one of the most essential things we need to accomplish our goals in every aspect of our lives. This is why more and more people are turning to energy detoxes to reboot and recharge their systems. A loss of energy happens to us all and with a simple detox, we can get our bodies back up and running in no time. 

Why Do an Energy Detox? 

An energy detox is a simple way to basically cleanse your system out in order to remove toxins and other negative elements that may be leading to stress that depletes our bodies. When our bodies are under stress or depleted of the nutrients we require, an energy detox is essential to re-launch our bodies into balance. 

When our bodies are functioning properly our detoxification systems work successfully to eliminate the majority of everyday contaminants. The liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, and digestive organs work in sync to get rid of these contaminants. However, over time everyday contaminates can interfere with our body’s ability to cleanse itself properly, causing us to lose energy. These contaminants include things like processed foods, alcohol, and many other items. An energy detox will give your body a much-needed break from this buildup of toxins and allow you to nourish yourself with the right agents to realign your body and regain energy. An energy detox will also decrease stress and improve mental function. 

How to Do an Energy Detox 

There are many, many ways to go about an energy detox. Detoxes can also be tailored to address specific issues that you may be facing. While there are many detoxes to choose from, most include four major elements. 

1. Begin A Detox Diet. A cleansing diet is the most essential step to regaining energy. Most detoxes include shifting to a plant-based diet that includes protein, eating fresh alkaline vegetables, adding high-fiber foods, eliminating inflammatory foods (sugar, processed foods, alcohol, caffeine, and trans fats), and drinking a good deal of water and herbal tea. 

2. Add Toxin-Removing Natural Supplements. Herbal and botanical agents will help speed up the elimination process. 

3. Exercise. While you may think that exercise will drain your energy, it has the exact opposite effect when you are going through a detox. Exercise is essential to eliminate toxins and waste buildup. 

4. Focus on Mindfulness. Increase the benefits of the detox by focusing on mind-body exercises such as meditation, yoga, or simple reflection.

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