Fall Skincare Tips

When the seasons change, it is always a good time to revisit your skincare routine. Everything about the climate can determine what you need to do to improve your skin health, from humidity and heat to cold winds and chilly weather. Here are some skincare tips for the fall season.

Use a Night Cream

If you are not already using a night cream, the fall season is perfect for adding it to your daily routine. You want your skin to be as hydrated as possible when the weather gets cold and chilly, and those cold winds dry out your skin. Since you are just going to bed, nighttime is perfect for applying a heavy cream when you don’t have to worry about makeup or other skincare products. After you cleanse your face in the evening, apply your night cream and let it sit for a few minutes before bed.

When choosing a night cream, it is a good idea to look at the ingredients and be sure none of them are going to irritate your skin.

Exfoliate Gently

Exfoliating is likely something you do in the summer season, but there is no reason you can’t continue doing it in the fall. But you do want to switch to a gentler exfoliating product. During the colder months, your skin is going to be more sensitive and often dry. If your skin is cracking or going through a flare-up of any kind, do not exfoliate! However, on days when your skin is in good condition, go ahead and exfoliate gently. This helps to remove skin cells to reveal the healthy skin beneath.

Keep Using Sunscreen

A very common mistake made in the fall and winter is skipping the sunscreen. Just because it doesn’t feel hot outside, does not mean the sun can’t do damage to your skin! You need to use it every single day before you go outside, as there is always going to be sun exposure if you are out during the day, regardless of the temperature. Get a good sunscreen that is gentle on your skin and can be worn all day.

Dandruff Shampoo

In the fall, the colder temperature can also mean a dry scalp. If you have a problem with an itchy and flaky scalp in the fall, you are not alone! There is no need to be embarrassed – just use an anti-dandruff shampoo once a week or when your scalp flares up, and you will find some great relief.

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