Get Back on Track with Your Health

When life gets chaotic and schedules are full, health goals tend to be the first thing to go. If you have been feeling lately like it’s time to get back to those healthy habits and goals you set out for yourself, Functional Medicine Los Angeles provides tips that can help.

Don’t Start on a Monday

Functional Medicine Burbank states that one of the worst things you can do is start on a Monday or the beginning of a month. This creates multiple issues when it comes to staying on track. First of all, all those days leading up to the official start date tend to be over-indulgent where you get even further from your goals than you originally intended. It also makes you feel that if that Monday doesn’t go perfectly, you have to start over. And you won’t start over the next day, but 7 days later.

Instead of doing this, just start today or tomorrow. Don’t have a set date, just start picking up on your healthy habits as soon as you can.

Put an End to the ‘Last Supper’ Mentality

The last supper mentality is when before you get back to your healthy eating or diet, you have one big meal that you won’t be allowed while eating healthy. Not only is it extremely unhealthy for your body, but it can also mess with your mentality around eating healthy. You are labeling that last supper meal as bad food, so once you cut it out of your diet, all you can think about is having it again. It becomes an obsession because you told yourself you can’t have it anymore.

If you want to get back on track with healthy eating, don’t have that last supper. Functional Medicine Studio city recommends starting eating healthy at the next meal, regardless of what your previous meal consisted of.

Start Where You Are Today

In addition to not starting on a Monday, Functional Medicine Doctors advise you to just start where you are today with whatever is available to you for these healthy habits. That might mean finding a free workout video on YouTube that only requires a set of dumbbells since you have them at home, or eating up the rest of the food you have in the house, but practicing portion control.

Let Your Current Season of Life Guide You

Your seasons of life will continue to change, so be accepting of what season you are in right now and what that means for your health goals. Just because you were able to run on the treadmill 10 years ago, doesn’t mean this is the right workout for this current season of life.

Professionals of Functional Medicine Beverly Hills says, consider where you are, what is available to you, and what your current goals are.

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