How do You Increase Your Keto Fiber?

There are many macros and nutrients you need to focus on while following the ketogenic diet, one of which is fiber. You might not have paid much attention to your fiber intake before, but it is really important on keto. The reason is that without bread, grains, and legumes, you don’t have a lot of sources for fiber, which helps keep you regular. Here are some ways to get more fiber while on the keto diet.

Eat Your Greens

This is one of the most popular ways to get your fiber while on the keto diet. If you aren’t getting enough fiber from going low-carb due to not being able to have beans, legumes, and whole grains, vegetables might be your best solution. Many green veggies will have a good amount of fiber, especially with your dark, leafy greens. These are more nutrient-dense in general than other lettuce, like an iceberg, so try to eat spinach or kale before iceberg and other lighter lettuces. Other veggies with a good amount of fiber include Brussels sprouts and cabbage.

Try Avocado

If you like avocado and can get it fresh in your area, definitely pick some up. Avocados are one of the best things you can eat while on keto. It is high fat, but the healthy fats, are easy to add to any meal, contain potassium, and also have a lot of fiber. A medium avocado is about 13 total carbs, but since that amount has 10 grams of fiber, it makes it only 3 net carbs. This is hard to beat with other vegetables you get your hands on.

Don’t Forget About Flaxseeds

While many nuts and seeds have a small amount of fiber, none have as much as flaxseeds as compared to the low amount of carbs. Most of the carbohydrates in flaxseeds are not usable, so a serving is often considered no carbs or very little. However, for every serving, or tablespoon, of ground flaxseeds, you are getting 2 grams of fiber. It might not seem like much, but it is easy to add to your low-carb smoothies, salads, and even soup if you make a keto-friendly version, making this a great option.

If you can fit it into your daily carb allotment, coconut meat also has a good amount of fiber, nearly as much as avocados.

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