How to Allergy-Proof Your Home

No matter what people do, it seems like allergies are going to be a part of life, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t prepare yourself or try to limit the amount to which it affects you. One thing that you might find out is that it’s easier to control some aspects of your allergies than you think. If getting your allergies under control seems like an attractive concept, then you’ll be pleased to know that this article is here to show you how to allergy-proof your home produce by our functional medicine Burbank experts at Functional Medicine Los Angeles.

Purge the Dust Magnets

If you take some time to survey your home, you’ll probably find that there are a range of times and surfaces that are currently free to accumulate dust and other harmful or undesirable particles. Once you know where all of those areas are in your home, you should execute a plan to get rid of each without spreading their allergic payload to other areas of the home. Carpet can make the floor feel nice, but it is one of the heaviest contributors to allergic reactions due to the presence of irritating particles. Those types of areas can accumulate living pests as well.

Clean Your Mattress Regularly

People are fairly used to the idea that they should vacuum their floor, wash bedding, and clean hanging clothes like tapestries, but very few people actually devote any time to cleaning their mattresses each month. Cleaning your mattress reduces allergens by a wide margin, as suggested by our functional medicine Studio City professionals. Part of the particles found in mattresses come from mites that feed on the tiny bits of skin you leave behind When the populations grow large, their feces can cause irritation to your eyes, lungs, and nasal cavity.

Protect Your Air

When was the last time you checked your vents? Duct systems are famous for dropping tons of bacteria onto dinner tables and blowing dirt and other particles into your face. Keeping your ducts and air system can help prevent the spread of harmful organisms and increase the quality of your air massively.

Clean Your Broom and Supply Spaces

When you’ve had a triumphant run of cleaning and finally finished and put the broom/mop away, how do you put those items away? It’s extremely common to simply toss the mop or broom aside into a dark nook where they’ll be ignored until you need them, but that might not be wise because the dirt and bacteria you cleaned up still exist on those items. Our functional medicine Los Angeles professionals remind you to be sure to clean the cleaning supply area in your home so those particles and bacteria can get out!

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