Signs You Need a Mental Break

Are you experiences issues at home and at work? Is your energy suffering, but you still can’t sleep at night? Are you having major mental or physical changes that aren’t related to anything else? If so, it might be that stress is leading to severe overwhelm in your life, which means it might be time for a mental break.

The hard part is recognizing that your stress level has worsened to the point where you need to make some changes. Here are some of the more common signs that you are in need of a mental break.

You Are Headed for a Nervous Breakdown

One of the most common signs that you need to take your mental health seriously and get a break is when you might be headed for a nervous breakdown. These signs are very similar to those you experience when you are dealing with overwhelm and burnout, though often much more severe.

A nervous breakdown, or mental breakdown, is when your stress gets to the maximum level. Not everyone “snaps” as you might see portrayed in media, but many people just get to the point where they can no longer handle anything anymore. You might make a rash decision like quitting your job or packing up and leaving wherever you are, or you may simply find that you can no longer function on a daily basis.

People have noted symptoms like severe depression, lethargy, fatigue, sleeping for days on end, constantly calling in sick to work, neglecting personal hygiene, and having sudden mood swings and angry outbursts.

If you are exhibiting any of these signs, it is a good time to take a mental break and figure out what can be done about your main sources of stress.

Your Anxiety or Stress Has Worsened

Have you noticed that your stress or anxiety has suddenly gotten worse recently? Maybe you have stress that is only getting worse instead of better, you have more panic attacks and moments of heightened anxiety, or you just no longer have those little breaks from your stress. This can be another sign that it is time for a mental break. Your body and mind need a break from the stress in your life, which everyone deals with, but nobody should have 24/7.

Your Relationships are Suffering

Another common sign that you are in need of a mental break is when your personal relationships are suffering. This can be a romantic relationship with a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, or just with close friends and loved ones. When your relationships suffer, it is a good time to think about the reason, and if your own mood or behavioral changes might be contributing to it. You don’t want this to go on for too long before you make changes in order to reduce your own stress and overwhelm.

Your Work is Suffering

Your work might also start suffering when you have high levels of stress or burnout. This can be any type of work you do, whether it is in college, if you run a business, work from home, or work outside of the home. Think about how your business is run and what your productivity is like right now compared to a month ago or a year ago.

Are there considerable changes? Do you get less done? Are you having problems with focus and concentration? Are you earning less money? Not only can these be signs of the amount of stress you have, but they can make your stress worse. This is a vicious cycle you need to get a handle on right away.

You Never Have Time for Yourself

Everyone needs a break and time off, no matter who you are and what your life is like. There is no amount of work that should be more important than having a little self-care preferably on a daily basis, but at least on a regular basis.

If you feel like 100% of your time is devoted to work, family, and home life, and you never have even a few minutes a day to yourself, then you are probably also in need of a mental break in a major way.

You Feel Overwhelmed and Helpless

Lastly, if you have been feeling very overwhelmed with everything in your life, to the point where you feel helpless and don’t even know how to start fixing it, you are in need of a mental break. You might also be headed toward a breakdown, so giving yourself some time right now is the best way to avoid it.

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