Take a Bath to Treat the Cold or Flu

Relaxing your body and giving yourself time to rest is essential if you want to treat the flu or a common cold properly. This begins with taking a nice warm bath, which is excellent for sore and tired muscles, fatigue, headaches, and many symptoms of both the cold and flu. Here are some options for taking a bath when you are ill.

Make Healing Bath Salts

The first way to benefit from your bath is to add some healing ingredients that detox your body and also help with some of your symptoms of the cold or flu. To start with, you might do better with a lukewarm bath instead of one that is piping hot, especially if you are already dealing with a fever from your illness. You can make your bath salts to add to the bath, using Epsom salt, which provides more magnesium to your body, along with some eucalyptus essential oil to work as a decongestant. Other oils can also be used as long as you find the scent relaxing.

Try Homemade Bath Bombs

Another DIY product you can make for the bath when you are trying to deal with illness is bath bombs. These can be beautiful, scented, and soothing for your body at the same time. Bath bombs are primarily made with citric acid, cornstarch, and baking soda. You can find many recipes that tell you exactly how much of these ingredients to use, and how to make the bath bombs. When you want to use them for healing your body, you should also add in some other natural ingredients, including Epsom salts, coconut oil, witch hazel, and essential oils like peppermint and eucalyptus.

Take a Healing Detox Bath

Bath salts and bath bombs are not the only way you can have a relaxing bath that also detoxes your body from toxins. This detox bath solution is great at preventing illnesses, not just treating a cold or flu you already have. Try to make a habit of taking a nice detox bath at least once a week. For this bath, you once again want to start with Epsom salts in the tub. Other ingredients to add include baking soda, fresh ginger root, and a little sea salt. Mix these and put them in a container, then add them to your bath after you start the water.

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