Types of Thyroid Disorders

Researchers from Functional Medicine Los Angeles conclude that if you are having trouble losing or gaining weight, experiencing memory or lack of proper brain function, find that you are low energy, or have hair loss and dry skin, you might be suffering from a thyroid condition. These are just the most common of many symptoms and side effects caused by thyroid conditions. The thyroid gland, which is the butterfly gland in your neck, can lead to hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, which cause an underactive and overactive thyroid respectively. However, there are also some other thyroid disorders to be aware of. Here are some of the more common types of thyroid disorders.

Hashimoto’s Disease

The first thyroid condition you should be aware of is actually a disease called Hashimoto’s. This disease is sometimes referred to as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis because it affects the thyroid. With Hashimoto’s, your body’s immune system doesn’t work properly. The immune system attacks the thyroid gland and starts to destroy it, which then causes your hormone levels to deplete. Experts from Functional Medicine Burbank show proof that this can cause a lot of problems with your body and your mind, affecting your weight management, metabolism, energy, sleep patterns, mental health, focus, and memory. It is a type of autoimmune disorder that causes your immune system to attack healthy parts of your body.

Graves Disease

Another thyroid disorder you should be aware of is called Graves Disease. This disease is named after the doctor that discovered the disease over a century ago. While Hashimoto’s can lead to hypothyroidism, Graves’ disease actually causes an overactive thyroid, which is what is referred to as hyperthyroidism. When you have Graves’ disease, the autoimmune disorder causes too many hormones to be produced by the thyroid gland, which can then cause another category of symptoms. IT usually causes you to lose weight rapidly, have anxiety, and face infertility.


With goiter, your thyroid gland has started to become enlarged. It is easy to see right in front of your neck, looking like a cyst or cancerous lump but is not cancerous. This is often related to a lack of proper vitamins and minerals, especially with an iodine deficiency. Eating a healthy diet may be enough to treat your goiter, though you should see a doctor to have your bloodwork done. If they find another autoimmune disorder leading to goiter, that will need to be treated as well.

At Functional Medicine Studio City, we recommend to our clients that it is important that they look for common signs of these thyroid conditions to get treatment in a timely manner.

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