What is Matcha Tea?


If you follow the health circles from Functional Medicine Los Angeles, you might have heard matcha tea being mentioned. This is a type of green tea that simply means powdered tea. Matcha is a type of green powder that comes from green tea leaves, as opposed to just using the tea leaves to make your cup of tea. Here is more information about matcha green tea.

The Plant is Treated Differently

Aside from the main difference of the tea, with matcha being a powder as opposed to using the leaves, the plant itself is also going to be treated a bit differently. When the tea plants are going to be used for matcha tea, they are covered with clots prior to being harvested. This allows the leaves to have much more flavor so that they will work better as tea once ground into a powder. As a consumer, you can get the powder in containers from your local health food store and some grocery store, which just needs to be broken up and whisked a bit before making your cup of tea.

There Are Lots of Health Benefits

So, why are people going so crazy over matcha tea? Mostly because of the many health benefits it contains. Functional Medicine Doctors say It is a pure, higher quality form of green tea, therefore you have the same health benefits but heightened. This type of tea has been linked to reduced blood pressure, better focus and concentration, more energy, and even improvements in your weight loss efforts. As with regular green tea, enjoying matcha tea 2-3 times a day is a great way to use it for health purposes.

You Can Use Different Recipes

If the taste of green tea is what is stopping you, don’t forget that you can make this with a lot of flavor combinations. According to Functional Medicine Digestion, Matcha powder can be used to add to a smoothie recipe, where you get the health benefits of the matcha powder, but the taste of the frozen fruit, juice, and yogurt that is added to the smoothie. You can also just make a cup of hot or cold tea with matcha and some fruit ingredients, along with honey and various other flavors.

Try out matcha green tea for yourself and see how you feel. You can make this at home or simply visit a local shop that sells it so you can give it a try beforehand. For more recipes, feel free to contact Functional Medicine Studio City today!

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