Why Every Home Should Have Coconut Oil in the Bathroom

Keeping coconut oil in the home is always a good idea since it has so many different uses for your body, hair, pets, and even pests in the home. Functional Medicine Los Angeles shares some different reasons you should always have some coconut oil in the bathroom.

You Can Use it as a Moisturizer
Here is a really simple and great reason to keep coconut oil in the bedroom. Any time you need to moisturize any part of your skin, it is safe to use coconut oil. According to functional medicine doctors, coconut oil is safe to use on burns, cuts, and crapes, as long as you don’t have an allergic reaction to it. This means while other lotions that are scented or have harsh ingredients can burn your skin when you have a cut in the skin, you can still use coconut oil to moisturize without making matters worse. This makes it a really good moisturizer to have on hand at all times.

It Works as a Shaving Oil
If you have trouble getting your regular shaving cream to work on your skin, or it leaves behind dry and bumpy skin afterward, then coconut oil just might be the right answer. By keeping a tub of coconut oil in the bathroom, you have easy access to it when you need to shave. Functional Medicine Studio City believes it’s best to use it in its solid form by rubbing a small amount on your face, legs, or other areas that need to be shaved, and just using your favorite razor. This not only gives you a slick and smooth surface for shaving, but the oil leaves behind soft skin afterward that is moisturized.

Wash Your Face
Coconut oil can also be a really good facial cleanser. Since it is natural and moisturizing, it not only gets rid of dead skin cells from your face and works to remove makeup and other dirt on your face, but it will leave it well moisturized afterward. You might even find that you don’t need another moisturizer after you have washed your face with it. Just make sure you mix it with water or even castor oil to dilute it a little bit and not leave your skin oily afterward.

Clean Your Teeth With Oil Pulling
Oil pulling should not replace brushing and flossing your teeth, but it can be used in addition to normal oral health practices. With oil pulling, you put a tablespoon of coconut oil in your warm, then start swishing it around. Focus on pushing it back and forth between your teeth with your tongue, which helps to clean between your teeth and around your gumline.

How to Make a Headache Balm with Coconut
Headaches are common, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t really frustrating to experience them. While there are a lot of over-the-counter pain relievers that work great for headaches, if you get them chronically, you might not want to take medication constantly. Providers of functional medicine Los Angeles suggest a better and more natural remedy, which is coconut oil. Here is more information about making a headache balm with coconut oil.

Gather Your Ingredients
The first step to making the headache balm is to gather the required ingredients. For this type of DIY product, you will first need organic and raw coconut oil, making sure you don’t choose coconut oil that has preservatives or weird chemicals. Once you have that, you also want to choose some essential oils. These are up to you, but we at Functional Medicine Toluca Lake recommend choosing ones known to help with headaches, such as lavender and frankincense. Peppermint is also good for both headaches and migraines, and chamomile is good if you want it to help you sleep as well. You will also need a container for the balm and a double boiler.

Make the Headache Balm
Now that you have all the necessary ingredients for the headache balm, it is time to start preparing it. What you want to do is first get your coconut oil to melt since it is probably in its solid form. You can do this by putting the container or a small amount of coconut oil into a glass bowl, then placing it on the top of a double boiler. You can make your own by putting a medium pot on the stove with a little water in it, then put a bowl on top of the pot (as long as it doesn’t fall into the pot) and the coconut oil in that bowl. Let it heat up for a few minutes to melt the coconut oil. You will then remove it from the heat and add in your chosen essential oils. Mix it well and pour it into a container and let it cool. Once it is cool, you are ready to use the balm.

Using Your Headache Balm
Once you are done making the coconut oil headache balm, you will need to learn how to use it. This works best when applied to your forehead shortly after you start getting a headache. It is going to soak into the skin, and combined with the scent from the calming essential oils, it can help relieve pain as a result of the headache. You can also rub some on a damp washcloth and rest that on your forehead to find relief.

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