Color Therapy: The Psychology of Color

The way we see and perceive color each day greatly impacts our lives, though in a more subconscious way. Understanding color psychology and how colors can be useful to help relieve anxiety and stress is a way to make the most out of the things you surround yourself with each day.

Why Colors Affect Us Emotionally

Seeing various colors can evoke emotions in us due to connections with real-life experiences, as well as how we feel colors are interpreted. While some colors are bright or dark, others are muted or paler in comparison, allowing for drastically different interpretations.

Color Psychology in Marketing

As many of our practitioners here at Functional Medicine Los Angeles would agree, color psychology is one of the most common tricks used in marketing to encourage shoppers to make purchases or to remember brands and advertisements a brand is currently running. The color green is often used by companies that are trying to promote sales or work with money (such as banks or financial apps). The color green helps encourage shopping while also putting trust in the brand, relating the color itself to money.

In many corporate situations, businesses choose to go with the color blue, as it symbolizes trustworthiness and professionalism. Because of the neutrality and trustworthiness associated with the color blue, companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and even Reddit have opted to use the color blue to attract new users and keep the existing ones.

Calm and Peaceful Colors

Calm and peaceful colors are used in advertising and marketing campaigns to advertise plenty of pampering and soothing products in the market. Popular choices include pale and light hues of the color blue and green, along with other muted shades of these colors. Blue and green are often associated with serenity and calmness. This association is ideal for office or bedroom settings where the goal is to either focus or relax.

Adult Coloring Books

Once you have a better understanding of color psychology and how it impacts your mood, you may want to consider using adult coloring books to help reduce stress levels so you can relax and unwind. Adult coloring books are great ways to integrate soothing colors while calming the mind and reducing the amount of anxiety you feel at any given time. Furthermore, adult coloring books are affordable and provide plenty of opportunities to get creative during your free time.

Being more familiar with colors and how they make us feel is a great way to be inspired in updating your home decor or wardrobe. Functional Medicine Burbank suggests that surrounding yourself with the right colors is a great way to relieve anxiety and stress and maintain your sense of calm, focus, and peace.

Coloring in Your Journal

Adult coloring is not a new concept, but it’s one activity many people aren’t sure they understand. Sure, coloring is fun. It reminds you of a simpler time in your life when you were a child and coloring was an enjoyable pastime. Now, it’s an escape, and it reminds you of the joy found in simplicity. What you might not know is that coloring in an adult coloring book is more than just a pastime. It’s a mental break offering benefits to help you ease stress. Adult Coloring Calms You

Adult Coloring Calms You

Have you heard of the amygdala? If not, you’ve certainly heard of a fight or flight response. This is what happens when you’re overwhelmed, overworked, and anxious. It gets worked up and leaves you feeling panicked. Coloring helps calm the amygdala, which can help you focus on more positive life experiences.

Adult Coloring Encourages Mindfulness

It takes a great deal of time and effort to color a page in a book made for adults. It takes precision and careful thought, which can help you manifest mindfulness. It’s a great way to help you focus. When you learn to focus and be genuinely present in the moment, you learn to be more mindful. Mindfulness helps you in other areas of your life, such as finding enjoyment in simple things. What you might not know is that you can focus on mindfulness while you color, and you can sharpen the tools you use to practice being more present in life.

Adult Coloring Relieves Stress

As experts from Functional Medicine Toluca Lake would agree, stress isn’t always negative. Many forms of stress are quite helpful in that they help you focus on things that need your attention. This is called positive stress which motivates you to work harder and more efficiently. When stress is overwhelming, however, it’s negative. This kind of negative stress occurs when you focus on things you can’t change in life no matter how hard you think about them or focus on them. It stems from worry, which is a wasted emotion.

Adult coloring books take your mind off the things you fear or worry about, and it helps you focus on the here and now. It’s much like a mindfulness activity, only it allows you to feel calmer and less stressed. You might even walk away from your coloring pages with a renewed sense of energy and a newfound sense of peace thanks to the stress-relieving effect of coloring books.

Adult coloring books are an excellent way to improve mental health. Our professionals at Functional Medicine Studio City agree that you don’t need to suffer from health issues to use these books and improve your life. Even if you aren’t anxious or stressed, you can benefit from adult coloring. It’s designed to remind you of the simple pleasures life has to offer.

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