Why Everyone Should Have Sage in Their Medicine Cabinet

When you think of sage you may think of a bundle of dried leaves used to smudge a home and remove negative energy from the house. This can be a great idea for most people, but others may be a bit put off by the mystical idea behind this method. The truth is, there are some very practical reasons why everyone should have sage in their medicine cabinet. Our functional medicine Los Angeles experts share a few reasons, how to use the sage, and how to store it for later use.

  • Asthma Related Issues

    One of the leading reasons you should have sage in your medicine cabinet is for members of your family who have asthma or severe breathing issues during cold flu or allergy season. Inhaling sage can help with bronchial issues. You can place sage leaves in a salt inhaler to help boost the salt properties and help with breathing. You can also burn sage in the home to help with respiratory blocks. If you choose to use it with salt inhalers, make sure the leaves are not too small as you will inhale them into your mouth by accident rather than the oils.

  • Intestinal Stimulant

    If you use over-the-counter medications for constipation or intestinal blockage, consider switching to sage as recommended by functional medicine doctors. Sage tea can help break down the blockages and easily move your intestines to clean out your system. You should first start with one sage leaf in hot water and move the amount of leaves, or dosages, up depending on your needs. You can drink the tea once every two hours to ensure you give the sage time to work properly in the area.

  • Relaxant

    According to functional medicine Studio City doctors, sage can be used in oil, tea, and burning forms to help your body relax. This is especially useful if you are having sleeping issues due to stress and other related anxiety issues. This can help calm your mind and your nerves and then slowly help your muscles to relax so you can go to sleep. If you choose to use it as an inhalant, you may want to consider using an essential oil in a timed diffuser to ensure you are not burning anything while sleeping.

Keep in mind there are several different types of sage. The most common form is desert sage and this is the type you will normally see in bundled form. However, you can also purchase Russian Sage and Cedar.

Functional Medicine Los Angeles emphasizes the importance of sourcing high-quality sage for maximum benefits. To learn more about the health benefits of sage and other natural remedies, contact our functional medicine Burbank professionals today.

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