Habits for Your Physical Health as You Age

As a provider of functional medicine Los Angeles, we believe there are many daily habits and routines that help with happy and healthy aging. When it comes to your health, the two main areas are your physical health and your mental health. Here are some daily habits to introduce into your routine that will help improve your physical health as you age.

Eat a Nutritious, Balanced Diet

  • I know, I know. You have to watch what you eat. But this isn’t a strict diet where you are cutting out entire food groups or trying to eat a diet of kale and salmon. While those are healthy options, eating a balanced diet is more about what you add in, not what you take away.
  • Our functional medicine Burbank advises you to start making small changes and adding in more fruits and vegetables, whole grains, dairy, lean protein, and drinking lots of water. When you eat a nutritious diet, you stay healthy and can help reduce the risk of certain age-related diseases.

Stay Moving – However, You Can

  • For your physical health, you also want to get regular exercise. Again, you don’t need to put too much pressure on yourself to spend hours at the gym or run a marathon. Regular exercise a few days a week is all that is required unless you have more specific fitness goals.
  • Consider forms of movement that you enjoy and will make you happy. You should be excited about your exercise, not dread it. For you, this might mean a yoga class with your friends, going for a walk, riding a bicycle, or doing workouts at home on your treadmill or with a kettle bell.

Focus on Preventative Care

  • Remember that a lot of your physical health comes down to what you do before you get diseases or become unhealthy as an older adult. Preventative care is crucial, so even if you are perfectly healthy now, you still need regular doctor visits or support from our functional medicine Studio City.
  • They can typically catch many things early, which allows you to get proper treatment and make small adjustments to your lifestyle. This will improve your health, and ultimately your happiness as you age.

Improve Your Sleep

  • If you aren’t getting enough sleep, your physical health is going to suffer. This can lead to a lot of stress and worsened anxiety, low energy, lack of focus and motivation, and physical changes that induce certain health concerns.

Focus on getting better sleep, whether that means starting a nighttime routine, going to bed earlier, or changing your sleeping environment. You can also reach out to us at Functional Medicine Los Angeles for more information!

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