Juicing Recipes that Improve Your Kids’ Focus

Green juicing with your kids can be a fun activity to participate in as a family and does provide a good way for them to get their daily vitamins without stressing too much about their meals and snacks. However, you can also choose certain recipes with very specific benefits. For example, some juicing recipes contain certain fruits and veggies meant to help with memory, focus, and concentration. It can help your kids stay focused in school, which may even help them throughout the rest of their life. Here are some green juicing recipe recommendations Functional Medicine Los Angeles wants you to try out for focus and concentration.

Kale and Carrots
Both kale and carrots are popular juice recommendations in Functional Medicine Burbank. They are often used in juice when you want to not only increase vitamins but help with focus and memory. Carrots are an excellent source of nutrients known to increase memory, while kale has vitamins that are great for focus and concentration. You can juice up these veggies, then, add in some herbs and fruit for the taste. Try a little bit of ginger, or add some juice from a lemon or apple to sweeten it up a bit.

Vegetable Memory Juice
This vegetable juice is made up of vegetables that are often listed for their memory benefits. Make your kids a vegetable juice that includes spinach, kale, and carrots. These are the top veggies for a kids’ memory. As a tip from Functional Medicine Studio City, you can also add in some apple juice for flavor, along with herbs like basil, parsley, or ginger.

Berry Apple Juice
For kids that don’t really like many veggies in their juice, there is a recipe that only uses fruit. These fruits also contain a lot of vitamins and minerals that can help with studying and concentration in school, as well as overall focus. You want to use any types of berries your kids enjoy, such as strawberries or blueberries. Be sure to add in a little bit of lime and 1-2 apples as well to finish off the focus juice. You can also seek an alternative in Functional Medicine Beverly Hills.

Fruit and Vegetable Fusion Juice
This juice is the perfect combination of fruits and veggies, offering nutrients for focus and concentration, while also providing enough ingredients to give it a delicious flavor. It will also have a fun red color, so that’s always a plus. For the veggies, use red cabbage, kale, and carrots. You can also add in half of a cucumber. Add in some berries, apples, and a few slices of peeled mango as well. It is a useful recipe when you are looking for a Functional Medicine Digestion in Los Angeles. In that case, Functional Medicine Los Angeles can be of help.

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