Pros and Cons of Using Technology for Health

Functional Medicine Los Angeles appreciates the ease of using technology in the healthcare community. From smartphones and tablets to smart thermostats and sprinklers, there are a few areas of our lives that technology has not invaded. In most cases, the convenience of technology helps make life easier, but it can also have a downside. It has surpassed all other commodities

While connected tech can help us stay connected to family, friends, and loved ones, it can also distract us from other things that are just as important. Smart devices like Fitbits or Apple Watches can certainly help improve our health, but even they can have a few pitfalls as well. The good news is that by understanding the pitfalls of technology, you can often avoid them. Functional Medicine in Los Angeles provides a list of the 2 pros and 2 cons of using tech for health.


It Reminds You to Stay Active

Most smart devices will give you reminders throughout the day to help you live a healthier lifestyle. These reminders include habits like taking a deep breath, standing when you’ve been sitting too long, or even encouragement to meet fitness goals. Functional Medicine Burbank confirmed that, in many cases, smart devices will act as a personal coach, cheerleader, or fitness trainer, pushing you a little further or giving you a “digital high five” when you accomplish a goal.

Fitness apps give us the same sense of satisfaction as checking a box on a to-do list, which can actually be a far greater incentive than you realize.

You Can Make More Mindful Choices 

Good health is actually the result of hundreds of small decisions we make every day. Simple choices like taking a single flight of stairs, parking farther away from the door at a store, or walking to the farthest away copier at the office can really add up. At Functional Medicine Studio City, we advise our clients to use fitness trackers to encourage them to make better small choices throughout the day, which can carry you far further in the long run than working out once a day.


It Might Become an Obsessive 

Anything good that is taken to an extreme can become a problem. While monitoring your steps and taking care to be more active is good and healthy, according to Functional Medicine doctors, it can also quickly become an unhealthy obsession. Like almost everything else in life, it is good to sometimes unplug from all tech and just take a breather.

It Might Keep You From Enjoying Your Time 

Walking, running, or exercising to get your heart pounding can be a great way to work off stress, but so can taking a casual stroll with a friend. Like all technology, when you get so wrapped up in making sure you walk enough steps or get your heart rate high enough, you can miss out on all the beauty that is around you or even an opportunity to deepen your relationship with a friend or loved one.

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