Should You Grow Your Own Food?

You may have wondered in the past if growing your food is worth the effort. The short answer is yes. Experts from Functional Medicine Los Angeles consider the fact that growing your food can provide a simple solution to many of the health and economic problems you may face. Whether you are imagining a single plant to grow tomatoes or a full garden in your backyard, you will receive several positive benefits from growing your food.

Improve Nutrition

Freshly picked fruits and vegetables not only taste better but will also provide you and your family with more nutrition. Grocery store products often undergo the process of harvesting, being shipped to a distribution center, and then distribution to stores. The produce then remains on the shelves until purchased. Functional Medicine Burbank states that most of the original nutrition of the food is lost during this process. Growing your own food will assure you get maximum nutrition and health benefits from the food you eat.

Outdoor Exercise

The food you plant in your garden will need to be watered, weeded, and harvested. This is a great way to satisfy your exercise needs. You will also provide yourself with the vitamin D your body needs from the sun. The outdoor exercise you will gain from planting and maintaining your garden is also an activity the entire family can enjoy.

Eliminate Food Safety Worries

It is difficult not to worry about food safety when foods like spinach, peanut butter, and tomatoes are regularly recalled for safety reasons. Growing your own food will eliminate worries about pesticides used in the growing process or contamination that can occur anytime from the planting to the distribution process.

Save Money

The ability to lower the cost of your monthly grocery bill is another big advantage to growing your own food. A single pack of seeds can sometimes cost less than a single serving of the food product you wish to grow. The savings are even greater when you consider the cost of organically grown foods in grocery stores. Savings will also be extended by learning to properly store your produce after it is harvested.

Reduce Your Impact on the Environment

You can benefit the environment in a number of ways when you grow your own food. Organically grown foods spare the planet the pollution that results from the use of herbicides and pesticides. The pollution from fossil fuels will also be reduced when fewer food products need to be shipped to stores.


You will gain a great deal of gratification from watching a seed you plant in a garden become food that provides nourishment to your family. Growing your own food will provide you and your family with healthy food, save you money, and help to preserve the environment. These are all things that will build your sense of pride.

You have likely thought about growing your own food in the past only to talk yourself out of the idea. The six reasons listed by Functional Medicine studio city confirm the benefits of growing your own food are well worth the effort and time it will take to do so.

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