Types of Adaptogenic Herbs PART TWO – MACA

What is Maca?

Maca or Maca Root is also called Peruvian Ginseng. It is native to the Peruvian Andes mountains in South America. It has long been used for its traditional medicinal benefits. As a provider of functional medicine Los Angeles, we have researched that one of the most recent benefits of Maca was discovered in a 2016 study when it was found that the root improves the quality of semen in infertile but otherwise healthy adult males.

Health Benefits of Maca

Maca root is available in many supermarket produce sections and health food stores. We also promote this as a functional medicine Burbank because it has been shown in multiple studies to deliver several health benefits such as:

Menopausal Stress Relief

  • Women suffering from the stressful effects of menopause have reported that adding small amounts of Maca Root powder to their diet helps relieve anxiety, fatigue, and the overall unpleasantness of menopause.

Improves Mental Functioning

  • Maca has been proven to improve mental focus and memory, and has shown promise in delaying the onset of debilitating mental conditions and diseases.

Improves Overall Health

  • Maca contains iron which enriches the blood, lowering the risk of anemia. The natural vitamin content works to ward off illnesses, viruses, the flu, colds, etc. There are claims that Maca decreases the risk of prostate disease in males.

Relieves Depression

  • Maca naturally increases energy levels and encourages hormonal changes in order to improve mental outlook and mood. A number of individuals who have suffered from depression and who have taken Maca on a regular basis show improvement and outlook.

Increases Bone Density

  • Maca has been proven to increase bone density and strength. Many people believe that daily use of the root helps to prevent osteoporosis.

How is Maca Used?

Maca is most commonly used in powder form once it has been harvested and dried. The powder can be added to food or stirred into tea or soup. It can even be fermented and brewed into a weak form of beer. Functional medicine Studio City can attest to the lasting benefits of Maca.

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