Workout Accessories For Traveling

If you’re someone who loves to keep up with your workout routine, but you have to travel, then finding the right tool that you can take with you is going to be an important part of your list of things to get before you leave. There are tons of excellent options that should cover all your bases and make exercise an easy thing you can do in your spare time on your trips. This article curated by homeopathic medicine specialists at Functional Medicine Los Angeles will share ideas on what workout accessories you can get for traveling.

1. Resistance Bands

These stretchy aids are an easy and compact way to get in some much-needed strength training. They might not be as good as weights, but they are a far better solution than trying to take weight in your bags. All you need to do to make the best of these useful tools would be to find a place to anchor them down. This will allow you to do several easy exercises like bicep curls.

2. Push-Up Bars

Push-up bars are a great way to keep your body focused when you want to do pushups. Our functional medicine Burbank doctors suggest you hold them over your head to do a few stretching exercises and out in front of you to keep your arms locked while doing upper body stretches. Another great thing about push-up bars though, is that they can help you to avoid touching the ground which could be dirty or have undetectable spoilage.

3. Jump Ropes

One of the most classic exercise tools, the jump rope can fit almost anywhere even in your pocket. This means that you have ready-to-go cardio workouts at a moment’s notice. Jumping rope is an excellent exercise our functional medicine Studio City practice recommends for coordination, and it will increase your stamina if you try to extend your times by a few minutes every time you go to jump rope.

4. Yoga Mat

As functional medicine Los Angeles experts, we recognize that yoga mats can be useful for a variety of reasons. The obvious of course is that it protects you from the ground, in some cases against undetected spoilage as with the push-up bar, but the primary use of the yoga mat is to provide a friendly surface on which a person can do their yoga exercises. You can also use it for morning and evening stretching activities.

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