Natural Sources of Vitamin K

Natural Sources of Vitamin K

When you are trying to be as healthy as possible, it often includes increasing your vitamins and minerals. One of the vitamins that is frequently overlooked and is generally advised by Functional Medicine Los Angeles practitioners is vitamin K.

Our experts in Functional Medicine Toluca Lake have a few insights on Vitamin K and what you should know about it.

The first thing you should know is vitamin K is not a vitamin on its own like vitamin E or vitamin A. It is actually a term used for different fat-soluble compounds combined into one group. There are different vitamins included, such as vitamin K through vitamin K3. However, we highly recommend consulting an expert practicing Functional Medicine Studio City if you have more questions.

So, how do you get Vitamin K naturally?

Everyone can always take a vitamin K supplement, but you might want to go for natural food sources instead. This is a popular option among the Los Angeles Functional Medicine industry. Here are some foods that contain this vitamin:

  1. Kale – Kale and other green leafy vegetables contain the highest amount of vitamin K per serving. For ½ cup of kale, you are getting more than 100 percent of the amount of vitamin K you need each day.
  2. Spring Onions – Spring onions, or scallions, has more than 103 mcg, which is more than you need a day for your vitamin K intake.
  3. Broccoli – A single serving of broccoli, which is about ½ cup, gives you a little over half of your recommended amount of this vitamin.

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