Putting Your Picnic Basket Together

Now that you have some healthy food and drink ideas for your picnic, it is time to put it all together. Take a look at these easy tips prepared by our functional medicine Los Angeles practitioners for choosing the right basket and supplies and getting all your food stored properly.

1. Pick Your Picnic Basket or Container

To start putting your picnic basket together, you of course want to start with the basket itself. There are many picnic baskets of varying sizes that you can choose from, many of which will already come with plastic plates, cutlery, and cups you can use. Many of these baskets have compartments under the lid and inside the basket, which helps you to keep it organized. However, you don’t need to use a basket at all. Bringing a picnic in any container, like a cooler, will work great. Just make sure it is large enough for your food and drink items, plus the extras you also want to bring with you.

2. Bring Along the Accessories

While everyone remembers the food and drinks, many people forget about the extra stuff they will need. Not only do you need utensils to eat with, but you might need cups, plates, bowls, and napkins. It is a good idea to always have extra ones stored in your picnic basket or container so that they are there whether you remember to add more or not. A reminder from our functional medicine Burbank experts is to not forget about a little trash bag in case you need it, along with extras like a blanket you can bring with you.

3. Make Sure You Know What Needs an Ice Pack

This is another important thing to remember when you are putting your picnic basket together. Some of your foods might need to be kept cold, even if you are planning on eating shortly after arriving at the destination. On hot days, certain food items can spoil very quickly, making it unsafe to eat them if it wasn’t cooled properly. This includes any dairy products, like cheese, sour cream, and milk, along with most meats you have. If you are packing turkey cheese sandwiches, wrap them in tin foil, then place them near an ice pack in the picnic basket to keep them fresh for as long as possible.

There are many ice packs that are smaller and fit easily in your basket or bag without taking up too much space, but keep everything nice and cool.

Putting together the perfect picnic basket involves a mix of planning, creativity, and practicality. By packing thoughtfully and considering the needs of your group, you can ensure a fun and relaxing outdoor dining experience. Enjoy the fresh air, good food, and great company that our functional medicine Studio City experts guarantee.

For more tips on healthy and enjoyable living or information about our functional medicine Santa Monica, stay tuned to Functional Medicine Los Angeles, your trusted source for wellness and lifestyle advice.

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