Vitamins and Minerals for Men

Vitamins and Minerals for Men

While the following vitamins and minerals are important for anyone to have enough of, they are particularly essential supplements to men. A Functional Medicine Studio City practitioner will tell you the same.

Hence, we at Functional Medicine Los Angeles have enlisted unique vitamins and minerals that help with your physical energy and your reproductive health.

  1. Fish Oil contains omega-3 fatty acids that you really need to become healthy and strong. These nutrients can help reduce inflammation in the body, improve your brain function, and help improve heart health. If you are at a high risk of heart disease, fish oil is often one of the first supplements Functional Medicine Doctors will recommend.
  2. Vitamin D If you are doing a lot of strength training and muscle building, make sure you are getting plenty of vitamin D. This is really important for helping your muscles to get the nutrients they need while also boosting your immune system. It is also great for your mental health.
  3. Zinc is an important mineral for men especially as it helps to improve your reproductive help. With enough zinc in your body, you can produce testosterone naturally, which is going to help with your reproductive health and fertility, and can actually help to reverse erectile dysfunction. It is also good for proper immune function and to provide your cells with all the nutrients they need.

If you are looking for a Functional Medicine Studio City center, you have come to the right place.

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