Folic Acid: Everything You Need to Know

Folic Acid: Everything You Need to Know

Among the different nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, that your body needs, folic acid is always on the list. Folic acid is a type of B vitamin that helps to promote new cells in your body. Allow us at Functional Medicine Los Angeles to discuss folic acid and how to get more of it.

You can take supplements of folate, or B9, such as a multivitamin, prenatal vitamin, or with a folic acid supplement on its own. You can also try to get enough folic acid through your healthy, balanced diet. If you aren’t sure, ask the guidance of Functional Medicine Doctors to help you out.

But what are the other benefits of folic acid?

There are also some other benefits of getting enough folic acid. First of all, it is really good for protecting your heart. Most of the B vitamins are recommended if you are at a high risk of cardiovascular or heart disease, especially if stroke or heart attacks run in your family. In addition to folate, you should also add in the other B vitamins to protect your heart. Folic acid is also linked to depression, so by having enough of it, you can actually help to prevent depression or lessen the side effects.

Make sure you get enough folic acid either through your diet or with a supplement. Ask a Functional Medicine Studio City practitioner.

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