Get More Greens in Your Diet

If you have spent any amount of time looking into how to eat healthier and get more nutrients in your food, you have likely gotten the recommendation to eat more greens as per advice from our functional medicine Los Angeles professionals. But don’t worry, there are many easy ways to get more greens in your diet, even without having to eat nothing but salads.

Blend Them into Smoothies

A great way to get more greens in your diet is by adding them to smoothies. Spinach, kale, and even romaine lettuce can easily be blended into your favorite smoothie recipes without changing the taste too much. You can start by adding a small handful of greens, then gradually increase the amount as you get used to the flavor. Remember to pair your greens with some fruit like bananas or berries to keep your smoothie sweet and tasty.

Add Greens to Your Eggs

Eggs are a versatile food that can be combined with many other ingredients, including greens. You can add chopped spinach, kale, or chard to scrambled eggs, omelets, or frittatas. The greens will cook down significantly, so you can pack quite a lot into your egg dishes. Plus, the combination of protein from the eggs and the fiber from the greens will keep you full for a long time.

Make a Green Soup

Another easy way to get more greens in your diet is by making green soup. You can use a variety of greens such as spinach, kale, or broccoli. Just sauté some onions and garlic in a pot, add your greens and some broth, then let everything simmer until the greens are tender. Blend everything until smooth, and you’ve got a tasty, nutrient-packed green soup.

Use Greens in Sandwiches and Wraps

Instead of using just a single lettuce leaf in your sandwiches or wraps, why not add a handful of mixed greens? You can use spinach, arugula, or a spring mix to add more nutrients to your meal. Plus, the greens will add a nice crunch and freshness to your sandwich or wrap.

Prepare Green Juices

Green juices can be an easy and quick way to get more greens into your diet. You can juice kale, spinach, cucumbers, and celery, and pair them with apples or lemons for a touch of sweetness and acidity. If you don’t have a juicer, you can blend the ingredients and then strain the mixture to remove the pulp.

Add Greens to Pasta Dishes

Lastly, you can add greens to your favorite pasta dishes. Spinach, kale, or chard can be sautéed and mixed in with your sauce, or you can add peas or broccoli to your pasta during the last few minutes of cooking. This way, you’ll be adding more nutrition to a comforting and familiar meal.

With these tips from our functional medicine Burbank doctors, adding more greens to your diet can be easy and delicious. Remember, it’s all about finding creative ways to incorporate them into meals you already enjoy.

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