Use a Journal to Find Your Stress Triggers

When you are stressed, Functional Medicine Los Angeles can help you with simple coping strategies. Journaling is a practice that may be more beneficial than you realize.

Part of reducing your holiday stress has to do with figuring out what is causing the stress in the first place. According to Functional Medicine North Hollywood, for some people, it might be more about the financial situation or being overwhelmed by everything you need to do and plan, but for others, it goes a lot deeper than that.

Using a journal that you write in every day can help you figure out what is causing your stress so you can start reducing it.

Know the Common Stress Triggers

Everyone has different stressors. Holiday stress can affect anyone, according to Functional Medicine Toluca Lake.

Knowing your stress triggers can help you start by understanding what some of the common holiday stress triggers are. This goes beyond just basic things that might cause people to become stressed during this time of year, and go to specific events, people, or situations that you personally become stressed by. Here are some things that might become a stress trigger for you:

1.  Not having enough time for everything

2. Running low on money while holiday shopping

3. Having to choose an outfit for a party

4. Being nervous about seeing a particular person

5. Dealing with a bad event that happened in the past during the holidays

6. Having social anxiety when around a lot of people

Choose the Right Journal

When you are trying to find your stress triggers, you will do so by having a journal. Since you never know when you will want to write in your journal, make sure you choose one that is small enough to fit in your handbag, briefcase, laptop case, or anything else you carry around with you.

Experts from Functional Medicine Burbank suggested choosing a journal and pens that you really enjoy using as this provides more motivation to use them on a regular basis.

Write in the Journal Every Day

Functional Medicine Studio City advises our clients to keep a daily journal because it has been proven to be the best way to avoid stress.

You should also be using the journal as much as possible in order to find your stress triggers. You need to know not just when you had a lot of stress, but what you were doing or who you were talking to around that time. This is why daily journaling about all of the things you do during the day as well as when you dealt with stress is helpful.

Look For Commonalities on Days When You Have Stress

Once you start writing in your journal, re-read your entries on days when you had a lot of stress. Look for things that seem similar on all the stressful days. This might be when you had to go shopping when you had to deal with a certain person, or on days when you simply had too much to do and it overwhelmed you.

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