Ways to Increase Your Fiber

Ways to Increase Your Fiber

Fiber is one of the essential nutrients your body needs to be healthy. Our Los Angeles Functional Medicine team encourages everyone to eat more fiber to stay healthy.

If you are struggling to get enough fiber, try calling a Functional Medicine Burbank expert or follow these tips below.

  1. Eat More Whole Grains
    The first way you can get more fiber in your diet is by eating more whole grains. These should be chosen over refined carbohydrates, and it is a really easy transition to make. Any time you would typically eat white rice or white pasta, just switch to brown rice or quinoa and whole wheat pasta.
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  2. Eat More Fresh Fruit
    By adding more fresh fruit to your diet, you are able to increase your fiber content, while also getting all those necessary vitamins and minerals. Plus, fruit has natural sugars that help with the sweet tooth. Some fruits that are high in fiber include prunes, oranges, pears, apples, and berries.
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  3. Consume Avocados Daily
    While they are higher in fat and calories, avocado’s offer good fat that your body needs. They have a high amount of fiber, which can counteract with the number of carbs in the fruit.

If you ever need to consult an expert regarding your dietary changes, why not consult a Functional Medicine Los Angeles expert? They can guarantee a safe dietary transition if necessary.

Functional Medicine Los Angeles is your dependable center that offers high-quality Functional Medicine Studio City and the surrounding areas.

Moreover, our center also specializes in Functional Medicine Digestion in Los Angeles. Call us now to learn more.

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