What is the 21-Day Fix?

Weight loss is a hot topic in today’s world. People everywhere are searching for new and fun ways to combat weight gain, but there are so many options to choose from, and so many questions to ask. Could there be a balanced new approach to weight loss that considers nutrition and exercise? Is there a system that makes it easy to choose healthy meals? What kind of workout routine is right for you? Would you like to have amazing results in 21 days? Then you might want to hear about the 21-Day Fix. Allow our functional medicine Studio City practitioners at Functional Medicine Los Angeles to guide you.

  1. Simple Fitness
    As Los Angeles functional medicine providers, we recognize that fitness and exercise are essential for any successful weight loss program, and the 21-Day Fix program breaks workouts into very easy, simple plans that you can follow. The workouts follow a 7-day schedule that targets different muscle areas and gives you a different workout routine each day to keep things fun and exciting. Each workout is only 30 minutes long, which makes it possible for even the busiest people to fit those vital yoga, pilates, leg, upper body, and cardio workouts into their busy schedules. The diverse 7-day schedule keeps things from becoming boring, but the biggest bonus is that it keeps your body guessing and optimizes weight loss by preventing weight loss plateauing.
  1. Simple Eating
    In the realm of weight loss and nutrition, there are so many options, ideas, and opinions that anyone can get overwhelmed or intimidated easily. It is dangerously possible to work out for hours a day and undo your results in one meal if you’re overeating, but the 21-Day Fix makes choosing what to eat at mealtimes super quick and easy. The 21-Day Fix utilizes portion control in color-coded containers to take the stress and guesswork out of eating.
  • Red – Proteins
  • Green – Veggies
  • Purple – Fruits
  • 2 Orange – Seeds & Dressings
  • YellowCarbs
  • BlueHealthy Fats

This easy system from our functional medicine Los Angeles experts ensures success, and if the whole thing doesn’t fit in the container, save it for tomorrow.

  1. Fast Results
    As functional medicine Burbank specialists, we understand that some people work on diets and plans for months never seeing a result, but the best thing about the 21-Day Fix besides its easy workout schedule, and simple meal planning, is its fast results.

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